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Web3 Careers: Exciting Job Opportunities for 2023

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This post is a quick snapshot of Web3 careers, highlighting the multitude of highly paid Web3 job opportunities available to anyone interested in and qualified for a Web3 career.

The scope for Web3 careers is increasing exponentially. Web3 job opportunities are in-demand by some of the hottest Web3 talent in the space. In addition, the need for skilled candidates is not yet slowing down, and if you are training for a Web3 career, now is the best time to get started.


Is Web3 Ready to Go?

Web3 is still uncharted territory. It’s an umbrella description (coined by Ethereum founder and Polkadot creator Gavin Wood) encompassing blockchain technologies, the metaverse, NFTs, virtual reality, token-based economies and more.

Web3 is not only liberating users. It is transforming almost every aspect of what we know about the Internet and its uses. Finally, Web3 allows content creators to claw back ownership without relying on centralised BigTech entities controlling their actions and content.

Web3 ecosystems are still emerging, and most are built on Web2 infrastructure—for example, Discord, GitHub and Twitter. This situation will change, but creating the necessarily robust and high-quality Web3 infrastructure will take time. The demand for candidates to assist in Web3 development is extraordinary, though unsurprisingly, high.

How is Web3 Better than Web2?

Web3 solutions arose from the concern that Web2 Internet users had no choice but to put their trust in centralised organisations, relying on these entities to act in their best interest. As you undoubtedly know, it’s not unusual to hear about the closure of influencer media accounts, with the account holder potentially losing years of hard work and their army of followers.

The core premise of Web3 is that it is decentralised, censorship-resistant, trustless and permissionless, which means that everyone worldwide (including developers and Internet users) can access direct ownership without exclusion.

Web3 uses cryptocurrency for native payments, relinquishing the reliance on outdated centralised infrastructures such as payment processors and banks. Instead of relying on these third-party entities (not to change the rules), Web3 uses economic mechanisms and user incentives.

On Web3, users store their data on the blockchain. If a user leaves the platform, they can take their data with them to plug into a new decentralised interface. With Web2, imagine trying to move hundreds of thousands of followers from a channel such as YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook. It’s a mammoth task, impossible because you do not own your content or followers.

Likewise, in video games, in-game purchases are connected to your account in Web2. A game creator can legally delete your account anytime, and, as a result, you lose everything you accrued. This scenario cannot happen in Web3 because you have direct ownership via NFTs (non-fungible tokens). In-game items can be sold, traded or moved if you stop playing.

Top 10 Best Web3 Job Opportunities

The following is by no means a definitive list of Web3 job opportunities. Indeed, it’s a long list with something for everyone interested in starting a Web3 career. However, these are typical Web3 jobs we regularly see as a specialist crypto recruitment company.

Job #1: Solidity Developer

Solidity developers create smart contracts using Solidity, the native language of Ethereum. It’s an object-orientated programming language to deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Blockchain Council provides an online certificated, self-paced Solidity Developer course.

Solidity developer salary: Between £75,000 to £150,000 per annum

Job #2: Blockchain Developer

Web3 developer jobs are in high demand. Their role includes enabling secure digital transactions. They create solutions to record and store blockchain data securely. In addition, blockchain developers develop interfaces and application features and maintain client and server-side applications.

Read how to become a highly-paid blockchain developer for an in-depth understanding of a blockchain developer’s role and required qualifications.

Blockchain Council provides an online, self-paced Certified Blockchain Developer course if you’re interested in pursuing training to become a blockchain developer

Blockchain Developer Salary: A Web3 developer salary may range depending on qualifications and experience. The average salary for a blockchain developer in London is around £55,000 – £150k

In addition to blockchain development, there is also a high demand for blockchain architects and engineers.

Job #3: Marketing

If you have marketing experience, a Web3 career is a genuine opportunity to transfer your skills, regardless of your level of expertise. Gain some knowledge of Web3 and projects of interest and apply for marketing roles. If you find a project you like, don’t wait for a job opening. Instead, contact the company and explain how you can help them increase their market positioning using your skills.

There are thousands of marketing courses online. Focus on digital marketing and, ideally, one that includes behavioural economics to understand consumer behaviour.

Marketing Salaries: Junior marketing experts earn upwards of £40,000, and senior marketing officers can command more than a six-figure income.

Job #4: Community Manager

Community is at the hub of most Web3 projects, requiring a personable individual with above-average communication skills. It’s one of the most popular Web3 careers. A community manager creates, develops and manages the relationship between the company and its community. You are the face of the project, usually working on platforms such as Telegram or Discord. You are responsible for building up interest in the project and whipping up excitement for events, ICOs or roadmaps.

Some community manager roles combine with social media management. The primary criterion is an extrovert personality with excellent communication skills (written and oral).

Community Manager Salary: The average salary for a UK-based community manager is around £35,000 but can be considerably more.

Job #5: Head of Business Development

Business Developers or Growth Managers play an integral part in helping a Web3 project to grow. The role needs someone who understands Web3, specific to the individual position.

Most business developers can work remotely, from anywhere in the world, with flexible hours. You will be passionate about the project, with shared values and a vision for growth and development.

Though you won’t need tech skills, understanding systems and technology is a big plus. Transferring your skills to a Web3 environment shouldn’t be challenging if you already have business development experience.

Head of Business Development Salary: As there are numerous roles in business development, salaries range from £50,000 to £200,000+ for Director of business development roles.

Job #6: Token Economics Specialist

Prerequisites for this position are a degree or background in economics. A token economics specialist researches, analyses, develops and tests a project’s mechanism and incentive designs. You will analyse the risks, understand token mechanics’ value, and create solutions where necessary.

Web3 companies expect candidates to have a passion for everything Web3, such as smart contracts, blockchain technology, NFTs, tokens, DAOs and everything relating to crypto. For example, you will know how to create and mint, yield farm and understand staking and burning.

You may need familiarity with programming languages.

Token Economics Specialist Salary: Salaries start from £45,000 to £60,000.

Job #7: UX Designer

UX designers focus on creating an end-to-end user experience with a product. That may range from product development, design, functionality and usability and sometimes involve brand development and marketing.

Web3 companies must understand who will want to use their products. UX designers research the end user, studying and analysing their behaviour patterns, needs, motivation and product requirements.

Research may include surveys, polls, focus groups, target user interviews, and insights. After that, the UX designer shapes the user persona development to give developers a clear overview for the next stage of product development.

UX designers may use wireframing to outline their product ideas, showing the design elements required to develop an end product for its audience and end user. After that, they may produce a prototype for delivering the product to the development team for assessment and further testing. The UX designer aims to create a high-fidelity design that looks and feels like a polished product.

To get an in-depth view of working as a UX designer, read how to become a UX designer in 2022.

UX Designer Salary: UX design salaries range from £55,000 to £100,000+. However, you can expect a higher salary with additional coding skills.

Job #8: Public Relations Manager

Public relations experts can help a Web3 project gain traction in the Web3 space. If you have PR skills and experience, it’s not a great challenge to transfer your skills to a Web3 project. It helps if you understand the Web3 environment. Web3 job opportunities expand to the metaverse, NFTs, play-to-earn gaming models and much more.

Decide which aspect of Web3 you prefer and target companies in that space. Every company needs good PR support, so you could find yourself in a unique position, with one of the best Web3 careers in PR.

You may come from a marketing or advertising background. It helps if you have a relevant degree, but verifiable proof of successful PR results can work just as well in some instances. Above all, a company wants to know that you can create attention-grabbing, personalised, targeted campaigns.

Public Relations Manager Salary: Salaries can range from £40,000 for a junior PR role to £140,000+ for a senior public relations manager.

Job #9: Video Game Writer

If you have writing experience, it’s a quick hop and a jump to start writing for a gaming studio. You need a passion for gaming and the ability to work closely with a team. Find out more in our article, how to create an exciting career as a Video Game Writer.

Video Game Writer Salary: The average salary is £35,000 to £55,000 bu tmay be more more senior game writers.

Job #10: Web3 Research Intern

If you have zero work experience and need an entry-level job in cryptocurrency, starting work as an intern gives you the necessary skills to approach a company for Web3 jobs. Most internships are unpaid and part-time, but you can work remotely.

Doing a good job and exceeding the company’s expectations could lead to a new well paid Web3 career.

Conclusion: Web3 Careers: Exciting Job Opportunities for 2023

We have featured a small handful of Web3 careers, but there are significantly more Web3 job opportunities in the space. You may wish to explore a Web3 career as a metaverse developer or other jobs in the metaverse. There’s increasing demand for video game designers or writers and plenty of opportunities in DeFi and Fintech.

Every Web3 company needs financial experts, administration, sales, and customer service staff. There’s no reason to imagine a barrier to entry in this fascinating space.

Contact the CB Recruitment team for guidance on Web3 careers that are available to match your skills.



Daniel is an absolute rockstar recruiter who really understand the nuances of technical recruiting in Web3. He quickly and thoroughly learned about our company from a mission, vision, and product strategy perspective, and asked a lot of thoughtful questions. This allowed him to go out and get top notch candidates genuinely excited about the chance to work together.

As we moved at a rapid clip through a very intensive interview process, Daniel continued to provide a white glove service as a proactive facilitator and was always available for requests and to answer questions.

Even post-hire, he has frequently checked-in, making sure that everyone is happy and onboarding is successful. We are thrilled with the hire we made (another rockstar), and I cannot recommend Daniel enough. I look forward to our next search together.”

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