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KYC with

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This is about getting to know you and deeply understanding your requirements, so we can get the best results, together.




Whether you’re a startup with no HR function, a mid-sized project with ambitious growth plans or industry behemoth with a niche requirement, we should be your staffing solution of choice.

We’ve helped DAOs find CEOs, innovative DeFi protocols place founding engineers, NFT projects build community teams and everything in between.

With CB Recruitment, WAGMI


market insights

It can be hard to keep up in this incredibly fast paced industry. That’s where we help. Acting as your web3 talent oracle to share all the insights you need.


Advice on available skill sets & candidates

Salary ranges & benchmarking

Web3 job market insights

General web3 insights

requirement analysis

Together, we understand your requirements and what you’re trying to achieve, then work to get consensus on the best, most suitable talent to accomplish your project’s goals.


Establish suitable roles & responsibilities

Talent mapping to market & sourcing best candidates

Understanding your market positioning

Consulting on job relevancy & achievability of talent

job description review

Our consultants know what attracts candidates, at all levels. We’ll work with you to ensure your job description is the perfect snapshot for top talent.


Job description review

Highlighting essential & desirable skill sets

Tailoring description for candidate attraction

brand positioning & awareness

There is so much going on in the industry, we’ll help you understand how you’re perceived in the market and ensure you position yourself in the best light, leaving talent bullish on joining.


Can you attract the candidate you want?

Where do you sit vs. market and competitors

Employer branding for best results

process management

There is no slippage in the process, with a dedicated consultant handling everything for you.


Candidate screening process & shortlist

Arrange interviews, chase & deliver feedback

Consult & support on setting candidate assessments

offer management

Leverage our deep candidate relationships and expertise in managing the best offer to ensure you don’t get burned. The only thing left is to sign.


Position your role against other opportunities

Proactive salary negotiation

Advise on requirements to secure the best talent

Manage contracts exchange

onboarding process & after care

The process has been a dream. You’ve found the best talent. Now, we move onto proof-of-work. CB Recruitment continues to support both you and your new hires through the early stages of joining.


Onboarding support

Day 1 check in

Weekly updates on candidate performance

Confidential support for any queries




the real merge begins

Whether you hire once a year or once a month, we find the most valuable relationships are when we integrate into your business as a partner, understanding your company, culture, requirements and providing the best solutions for what you need.