the only route to mass adoption

With estimates that the industry will grow by 40% annually until 2030, attracting top tier talent to the industry is a must for survival.

Career BackgroundCareer Background

This is reinventing what it means to have a web3 internship, with high-impact talent that adds value immediately.

Career Background

CB Recruitment’s mission is to build the web3 workforce of tomorrow and this plays a core role. We have created a Web3 Career Onramp, providing bespoke programmes for projects to get the best talent from all industries.


access top

tier talent

Benefit from our global reach to the best candidates in Web3.



We source, screen and introduce the best candidates, saving you money, time and valuable resources.



Free up time for your full-time employees to focus on their core tasks.


retention rates

Strengthen your workforce with increased employee stability.

boost employee

leadership skills

Give mentors and supervisors responsibility and accountability to develop leadership skills.

reduce risks

of a poor hire

Work side-by-side with talent before committing to a full-time hire.

an excellent

pr exercise

Teach people about your organisation, so they eventually become loyal advocates.

close workplace

skill gaps

Get support for the weak areas in the organisation, i.e., community management/social media or tech roles.