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How to Write a Great Resume with no Experience

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Here’s the tricky problem. Firstly, how do you create a resume with no experience? We understand the challenges of applying for a job when you don’t have formal work experience. Secondly, perhaps you’ve completed your degree and are now ready to enter the workplace as a blockchain developer. You have the hard skills to demonstrate your abilities, but every job you apply for requires a resume.

This guide will help you create the winning resume for your next job application, even if you have never worked for a company. After that, we’ll share resume examples for students with no work experience.


How to create a resume with no experience

We appreciate writing your first resume can be a scary prospect, but once you’ve created your first one, you’ll find the process easier next time. Moreover, we’ll show you the best way to present your skills and qualifications, so you stand a better chance of getting an interview and your first job. It’s easy to learn how to write a resume with no experience.

Draft a resume summary

A resume summary is like a bio for your resume and is essential to catch a hiring manager’s attention. Above all, the summary is a quick introduction highlighting your background and qualifications for a specific job application. In addition, potential employers want to see some work experience, so even if you think you have none, it pays to consider what constitutes work relevancy and put it on your resume.

For instance, the below example is what most applicants do when they’re writing a resume with no work experience: –

Resume Summary Example

I majored in Computer Science and learned JavaScript, C+, and Python. My thesis explored blockchain development and cryptography, which I’m interested in. I am motivated and a hard worker and would like to get a role with XYZ company as an entry-level blockchain developer. I am passionate about blockchain technology.

Unfortunately, most hiring managers would overlook this summary. Why? Because it’s the same summary format as 90% of other applicants’ resumes.

Here’s a better summary example

I majored in Computer Science and learned JavaScript, C+, and Python. My thesis explored blockchain development and cryptography, and I spent the last six months writing a blog on the subject. I also volunteered with ABC company for work experience and successfully identified a potential security risk.

I am motivated, have excellent communication skills, and work well within a team. I am passionate about blockchain technology and would like to work for XYZ company because (list what you like about the company).

It may seem similar to the first example, but a few tweaks make all the difference.

Include relevant non-work-related experience

Writing a one-page resume with no work experience is not easy. It certainly requires a little creativity. Most importantly, how do you make a resume when you think there’s nothing to add?

The good news is that most hiring managers look beyond formal work experience. Moreover, they factor in your education, qualifications, hard and soft skills, volunteer work, internships and more. Above all, think outside the box if you can.

Here are a few examples to trigger some ideas: –

  • Managing or directing: You’re part of an amateur drama group and led the cast for several plays
  • Leadership Skills: You led a team on an outward-bound experience
  • Teamwork: You worked as part of a team during a six-month internship
  • Communication Skills: You write a blog and were a scout leader for two years
  • Customer service: You answered the phone for XYZ company and handled enquiries
  • Organisational Ability: Reference to the drama club and scout leader position where you organised attendees
  • Research: You researched data for your blog to identify a gap in the market in the industry

Moreover, ask your family and friends what they think about your core strengths if you’re stuck for ideas.

Expand upon your educational background

The best resume writers know how to describe their experiences in a way that attracts attention. Most importantly, when you have no work experience, your educational background can creatively underpin your resume, highlighting specifics of your coursework.

Here is an example of the relevant coursework section: –

ONLINE CONTENT CREATION March 2020 to October 2021

  • Website Development: Created a WordPress account and installed a theme
  • Keyword Research: Used Keysearch.co to research topics, keywords and competitor analysis for my end-of-year project (2020)
  • Content Creation: Wrote ten blog articles (one a week) for a start-up cryptocurrency company
  • SEO: Installed Yoast SEO on WordPress and optimised ten blog articles
  • Installed Analytics: Installed Google analytics and verified the site with Google Search Console
  • Monitored & Analysed results: Studied Google analytics, researched competitor keywords and tweaked the content for better ranking

After that, add details of awards, scholarships and your GPA. Likewise, if you were a member of a student committee, add that too. In addition, make a list of your graduate studies.

Graduate Studies

  • MSc in Cryptography: London Metropolitan University (Graduated 2022)
  • MSc in Computer Science: Northumberland University (Graduated 2021)
  • BSc in Blockchain Technology: Kingsland University (Online: Graduated 2020)

Highlight your relevant skills

Listing your relevant skills on your resume can separate you from the competition. In other words, if you have zero work experience, this section can help you learn how to write a student resume.

On most job specifications, the company lists prerequisite hard skills, but you will also find a mention of soft skills. The latter is essential in most job applications because you’ll likely be working with others. In addition, having better interpersonal skills than other applicants can get you to your first interview and job.

What are soft skills?
For example: –

  • Problem-solving
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Negotiation
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Positive attitude

In addition, list any foreign language skills and qualifications you have. It’s not easy learning a new language, and it shows determination and application.

Format your resume professionally

Many free resume templates are available online, so there is no excuse for creating a poorly presented resume for a potential employer. In addition, typography and style can make all the difference when trying to get a hiring manager to read your resume.

4 tips to create a professional resume with no experience: –

  1. Don’t centre text: It looks untidy, and as most people read from left to right, it is better to justify text left
  2. Don’t cram text together: Leave plenty of white space. Large blocks of text are difficult to read, especially when the font is small
  3. Use “Relevant Experience: Instead of work experience, of which you have none, use the term “relevant experience” as it shows relevancy to the job
  4. Use digits for numbers: Instead of writing “three years experience with xxx“, write “3 years experience with xxx.

Customise your resume to the job specification

If you take away only one thing from this guide to writing a resume with no experience, this section is the most important. Above all, tailor your resume to the job specification for every job application. Yes, that means changing your resume every single time. However, if you genuinely want to get noticed and find your first job, do what 90% of other applicants do not do.

After that, remove irrelevant skills and only list job-specific skills and experience, and, in addition, use the language used in the job specification and on the company website.

Why is it so critical to adjust your resume for every job application? Because many companies use ATS (applicant tracking systems) that scan every resume for relevant keywords. Suppose the hiring manager has 300 applications. If you haven’t fine-tuned your resume with the targeted keywords from the job specification, your resume will not be successful. If your resume passes the ATS test, prepare for the next stage, which could be a phone interview.

Assume that a company uses ATS and take the extra time to set yourself up for success.

Example Template for a resume with no experience

Firstly, decide which creative template to use for your resume with no experience. You can search on Google for free resume templates or try Canva, which is free and has hundreds of attractive resume templates that you can edit.

Secondly, use the template below if you don’t know how to write a student resume and if you have no work experience.

The job specification states: –

  • Blockchain qualification
  • Cryptography knowledge
  • Excellent Communication & leadership skills
  • Experience in data management & analytics
  • Team Player
  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Remote working with visits to London HQ


John Smith
1, Walkers Lane
London SW1 9QE
(+44) 07746 281 987

College graduate with six months of real-use blockchain experience working with a team of six. I have an MSc in Cryptography and Computer Science. I have excellent communication and leadership skills and speak fluent Spanish.

MSc in Cryptography: London Metropolitan University (Graduated 2022)
MSc in Computer Science: Northumberland University (Graduated 2021)
BSc in Blockchain Technology: Kingsland University (Online: Graduated 2020)

Blockchain Technology Theory & Practice
Applied Cryptography in real-use case
Data Management & Analytics Theory

April 2019 – July 2021
Scout leader for boys aged 12-16
Attended drama classes and led the cast for two plays
Volunteered to set up a data management system for R.A.V.A animal charity
Organised a sponsored charity run for R.A.V.A animal charity and raised £5,000

July 2021 – Present
Exposed a breach of blockchain security with XYZ company (intern position)
Won third place in a student competition for my blockchain essay “Blockchain in 2024.”

Microsoft Office, Cryptography, JavaScript, Python, C++, Visual Basic, and currently studying Solidity

Confident public speaker & team leader, collaborative, problem-solver, creative thinker, adaptable, positive “can do” attitude

Fluent Spanish, A-level French

Vice-President of BBR Drama Club

Ongoing IT support for R.A.V.A animal charity

Conclusion: How to write a great resume with no experience

In conclusion, you now know how to make a resume with no experience. Hopefully, you feel more confident using the tips to get your resume noticed by a hiring manager

Above all, creating a resume with no experience can be challenging if you haven’t done it before. Still, the main takeaway is to structure your resume relevant to a job specification. In addition, research the company in-depth, observe and use the same language as the company.

Throughout your resume, add in words from the job description. For instance, if the prerequisite skills are blockchain, cryptography, C++, JavaScript, collaboration, communication and leadership, ensure you use these words like keywords in your resume. That way, if the company uses an application tracking system (ATS), it will select your resume based on matching keywords. Subsequently, it increases your chances of securing an interview.

There are numerous web3 careers with entry-level jobs in cryptocurrency and blockchain, the metaverse and Contact the CB Recruitment team if you need help preparing your resume for a job application. Most importantly, we can identify your core skills and match you with a suitable position.


Can I create a teenager resume with no work experience?

Yes, this guide shows you how to write a resume for the first time, and it’s never too early to create a professional resume, even if you are applying for voluntary work.

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