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15 Best Recruiter Skills for a Fascinating Web3 Career

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This post will teach you what recruiter skills you need to get into a Web3 recruitment company.

Working in recruitment is a challenging job at the best of times. You often work in a high-pressure environment and need excellent communication skills to deal with tricky clients and apathetic job seekers.


The Challenges of a Recruitment Consultant

A global survey by Sterling of over 3,700 job seekers and 1,200 Human Resources professionals revealed that over 78% of job seekers would drop out of a lengthy recruitment process. Typical responses to explain the high dropout rate are: –

  • The recruitment process is too complicated
  • The background screening is too long
  • Lack of updates from the recruitment consultant

Something doesn’t add up, though, as a mere 9% of the Human Resource professionals stated that candidates might find their hiring process challenging. Are they delusional? Probably, because every company wants to assume their hiring process is top-notch, even when the opposite scenario seems evident to outsiders.

Glassdoor analysed data for over 83,000 job interviews across twenty-five countries and discovered that the average interview process exceeded 23.7 days. In 2023, these figures are likely to be higher.

So, when you join a recruitment company full of the joys and excitement of the job and the high commissions to come, remember that data does not lie. A poor end-user experience leads to dissatisfied job seekers looking elsewhere for help.

Why does this information matter to you? Because if you are seeking a career in Web3 recruitment, it’s essential to understand that it’s an entirely different ball game from other industries.

Entry-level Recruiter Jobs in Web3

As we edge ever close to a decentralised future of cutting-edge technology, you must fully understand everything in Web3. The well-rounded Web3 recruitment consultant can confidently converse and lead communication on any Web3 subject with companies and candidates.

In addition, we must appreciate ongoing Web3 trends and the ramifications of worldwide governments fighting for content censorship. For instance, watch the fascinating but rather alarming YouTube video from Guy of Coin Bureau about how censorship could affect projects and users in the Web3 space.

Many recruitment companies are specialists. For many entry-level recruiter jobs, candidates can secure a position without industry experience. However, recruiter skills must be aligned with the Web3 space.

Web3 Careers: Fitting into a Disruptive Industry

Many Web3 companies and candidates entering the Web3 space are excited by the idea of disrupting mainstream systems. Most of us want to get rid of the Web2 gatekeepers and create decentralised and innovative systems, working with like-minded individuals with exceptional skills and talent in the Web3 space.

Those seeking to build the recruiter skills for a Web3 career may feel overwhelmed. It’s a steep learning curve as technology develops quickly, and it can be hard to keep up.

In a recent LinkedIn poll, our results showed that 84% of people are considering transitioning to a career in Web3. The demand for skilled Web3 recruitment consultants will increase over 2023 and beyond. Unfortunately, some agencies may try to fast-track the process and, in doing so, lose hiring efficiency.

We are living in a consumer age. In 2021, as the pandemic changed the face of how we work, Millennials and Generation Z voted with their feet, feeling unappreciated and looking for a Web3 company where they felt valued.

We saw the emergence of the great resignation, with 48 million people quitting their jobs and around 52% of millennials and Gen Z considering finding a new job. Subsequently, there’s never been a better time to develop Web3 recruiter skills and help these people to find satisfying work.

Helping Web3 Companies to Scale

We are in a unique position to help existing and Web3 startup companies gain access to top talent in Web3. As many people like yourself want to transition from Web2 working to Web3 roles, you probably realise how essential it is to manage your career with the best recruitment consultant with Web3 recruiter skills.

The natural assumption is that recruiters need tech skills, but above all, a strong set of soft skills is the foundation for a long career as a recruitment consultant in Web3. It’s a growing space, and, in many ways, you’ll learn on the job if you maintain an interest in observing emerging Web3 trends.

You don’t have to be an expert on the metaverse, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, etc. You only need a fundamental understanding of technology and everything underneath the Web3 umbrella.

What becomes apparent is the need for immersion and to become an advocate for Web3. A recruitment consultant “just doing their job” and going through the motions from 9-5 isn’t going to be as effective and successful as a passionate consultant who lives, breathes and eats Web3.

As you develop Web3 recruiter skills, undoubtedly, you will develop expertise in a specialist area, and that’s the point where your strengths as a recruiter add exceptional value to help companies and candidates.

Recruiter vs Talent Acquisition

Depending on your company, you may have the title of a recruitment consultant or talent acquisition. Either way, your job is to secure clients and negotiate partnerships. Historically, the recruitment industry developed a bad rap as money-grabbing jackals who did not genuinely care about job seekers. Today, that scenario must change and is changing. People are clawing back control of their destiny and no longer accepting shoddy service from any company in any industry.

A recruitment company is the same as any organisation. Inspired from the top by ethical leaders with integrity, a recruitment consultant has the opportunity to develop impressive recruiter skills that can secure their future for life. Above all, taking care of clients is essential in building a reputation as the best.

There are more work from home recruiter jobs available now since the pandemic. Although working from home brings unexpected challenges, such as isolation, if you have a motivated team, a flexible attitude and attend regular meetings, you can easily achieve your recruiter goals in your home environment.

However, your first step is to understand the recruiter skills you need to start a Web3 career in recruitment.

The Top 15 Web3 Recruiter Skills

Skill #1: Excellent Communication

The best recruiters are expert communicators, easily able to shift from talking to a CEO and a job seeker. Your job is to build relationships, engage with others and network. You will be equally comfortable talking in person, via video meetings or by telephone.

In addition, active listening and negotiation skills will also add to your success as a Web3 recruiter. Active listening helps build rapport because it demonstrates your interest and engagement in the client’s story. Active listening includes asking great questions and clarifying the response, always seeking to unfold the exact wants and needs of the client.

After that, written communication skills are also essential. You’ll be reporting critical data, helping job seekers improve their resumes, sending influential correspondence to potential partners and other tasks.

Skill #2: Ability to “read” People

Not everyone understands the absolute power of having the ability to understand body language and read a person’s microexpressions. However, anyone can learn to become great at reading body language by committing to studying and practising.

Human beings are a mass of conflicting emotions. Often, people don’t say what they mean or mean what they say. It’s our job to help them relax by showing that we understand their subconscious incongruency by modelling body language and skillfully navigating communication by asking appropriate questions.

For example, suppose you have a client who does not smile. Do you try and engage him to smile by grinning like an idiot? No. Firstly, model his attitude, vocal tone, the pace of speech etc.

Secondly, model his body language. After a short time, you may notice the client relax and become more open. At that point, you can start leading the body language, and, in most cases, the client will follow your lead and begin modelling your body language.

This NLP (neuro-linguistic programming ) technique is known as pacing and leading. It works best in person but also works on video chats.

A great book to start learning the fundamentals of body language is “What Every Body is Saying” by Joe Navarro, an ex-FBI agent.

Skill #3: Confidence

Your clients see you as the expert. Any hesitation or show of lack of confidence and your client may become concerned about your ability to do a good job. Develop a fearless approach to your work, focusing on how you can best serve your clients.

It’s human instinct to focus inwardly and make everything about them. But we’re all doing it, so surprise your clients by engaging with their needs. Subsequently, your confidence will soar, and so will your results.

Skill #4: Tenacity and Resilience

The recruitment industry is notorious for burnout, primarily because it can be a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. However, it doesn’t have to be that way if you can roll with the swings and have confidence in your ability to turn a situation around.

For example, you could spend weeks or months searching for the right candidate for a client. You have a shortlist of the top talent in the Web3 space, and interviews are underway. Suddenly, the client decides they’re hiring in-house or offers the job to one of your candidates, who informs you they have taken a job elsewhere.

Accept that these situations are mostly out of your control. Firstly, ask yourself if you missed a red flag en route.

Did you do the following?

  • Clarify the exact needs of the company and candidate
  • Set timescales for expectations
  • Guide the client through the hiring process, so the candidate doesn’t lose interest and seek alternatives
  • Discuss if the company had any intention of hiring in-house

Instead of feeling crushed by wasted time and no commission, accept the learning, roll up your sleeves and fire up your determination. One of the best attributes of a Web3 recruiter is a positive attitude, someone who believes as one door closes, several other doors open.

Skill #5: Reliability

Your clients rely on you to take care of their needs. An unemployed job seeker will lose hope if you fail to update regularly. Doing so helps them to remain engaged with you and the recruitment agency instead of going elsewhere. Likewise, you don’t turn up late when you schedule a client meeting. It’s common sense. If you know there’s a delay, notify the client of the time change.

Reliability can (almost) outsmart talent if you are consistent. Your clients learn to trust your word and feel confident that you can handle their requirements.

Skill #6: Adaptability

Thinking on your feet is a skill beneficial to all aspects of your life, but in recruitment, it’s essential. A flexible mindset always trumps a rigid perspective. When obstacles appear, meetings get changed, candidates fail to turn up, or other irritations occur, roll with the punches and confidently change direction.

Skill #7: Eager to Learn & Improve

Adopt a curious approach to your work and continue with continuous professional development. For instance, if you’re new to Web3, you might want to take a training course to improve your knowledge.

Always aspire to be better. Learn from your mistakes and adopt an enthusiastic approach to learning. It’s no secret that a company highly values employees with a passionate interest in their work.

Skill #8: Patience

Few people work as fast as you’d like, which can sometimes be frustrating. Accept that it will happen and structure your workflow so that you can redirect your efforts when clients fail to follow through on time.

A lot of communication happens on a subconscious level. If you’re frustrated, clients will sense your agitation without knowing why, even if you smile and appear engaged.

Skill #9: Critical Thinking

Critical thinking and problem-solving are excellent recruiter skills. If you can think on your feet and create positive solutions for your employee and clients, you will likely make significant progress as a Web3 recruiter.

Above all, critical thinkers can conceptualise, analyse and evaluate information gathered by experience, observation, communication or reasoning and, from that, can systematically format potential solutions.

If you think your critical thinking skills are sub-par, seek problems in the workplace or elsewhere and consider potential solutions. Critical thinking skills courses are available online, contributing to your CPD learning. You can find a suitable training provider with a quick Google search.

Skill #10: Ability to Manage Stress

Recruiting is a fast-paced environment in any industry. However, as Web3 technology speeds up, recruiters must stay ahead with understanding the space and how it affects job seekers and companies.

Recruiting is, by nature, a multi-tasking job. In 2022, there was a shortage of Web3 talent. As more companies transition to Web3, that situation is unlikely to change in 2023. Therefore, the pressure on a Web3 recruiter could sometimes be intense to keep everybody happy, from your employer to job seekers and partnerships.

Everyone has their way of managing stress, so do whatever works for you. Avoid burnout from work by developing self-awareness of when your stress levels are rising. Even if you work from home, take short breaks regularly. Go for a walk, have a coffee or chat with your spouse, friend or colleague. Practice deep breathing and observe tension in your body.

Recruiting isn’t for everyone. The ability to manage stress will determine if you have a long-term Web3 career in recruiting.

Skill #11: Time Management and Multitasking

You will need good organisational skills. Most days, you could be juggling an array of tasks, from client negotiation, inputting CRM data, social media, phone calls, video meetings, working on resumes and more. In addition, managing your diary, reporting sales figures to the company and monitoring your workflow are other essential daily tasks.

If your organisational skills are poor, a job in recruiting can be stressful.

Skill #12: Data-Driven

Data is king in recruiting, and your employer consistently requires data reporting to measure the agency’s success and efficiency. You must provide tangible stats and facts to underpin your decisions, from choosing candidates to work with to formulating an efficient hiring plan.

Solid data can help reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve the hiring process.

Above all, to become a Web3 recruiter, you’ll enjoy working with data to manage your activities.

Skill #13: Marketing & Sales Skills

Many salespeople seek employment in the recruitment industry. A successful Web3 recruiter is multi-faceted, and sales and marketing are valuable recruiter skills to create a successful Web3 career.

Above all, you don’t need to be a marketing or sales professional. Base knowledge goes a long way. However, there is a multitude of online free sales and marketing training, which could help you gain an interview when applying for entry-level recruiter jobs.

Skill #14: Social Media

Depending on the organisation’s size, you may be involved in engaging with and tracking daily social media. For example, you may launch a LinkedIn account for your role as a recruiter. You can start networking, building connections and developing trust in your recruiting service.

Skill #15: Comfortable Using Technology

Technology may make a recruiter’s job easier, but it won’t work if you’re a technophobe. From basic document creation to CRM or using other software, you’ll need to be comfortable with technology and have IT efficiency.

Conclusion: 15 Best Recruiter Skills For A Fascinating Web3 Career

In conclusion, becoming a Web3 recruitment consultant in 2023 could be the best decision of your life. Concentrate on developing the recruiter skills to beat the competition during resume screening and get an excellent job offer.

As more people seek Web3 careers, there’s never been a better time to consider joining a Web3 recruitment agency. However, do your homework. Talk to colleagues about their experience with a recruiter. Only work with a recruiter with integrity who you trust to do the best job to get you hired for your dream job with the perfect client.

CB Recruitment is the leading Web3 recruitment company with a mission to provide exceptional value and build long-term relationships. We’re here to help, so contact the specialist team today and let’s explore your best options.

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