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Product Marketing Manager: 5 Excellent Tips for a Rewarding Career

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The demand for top talent in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and DeFi space is growing exponentially. The natural assumption for getting into the space is that you need relevant technical skills. However, many people don’t realise there’s a huge opportunity for talented candidates with transferable skills. Subsequently, product marketing manager jobs are one career where you can make an impact in a new and expanding industry.

You have a great head start if you’re already working as a product marketing manager. If not, there are a few courses we will feature in this post to help you get started. It’s a rewarding and lucrative position in an exciting and expanding industry.

Above all, by the end of this guide, you will know the exact steps to a rewarding career as a product marketing manager.


What Does a Product Marketing Manager Do?

Every company on the planet needs to market their products. Moreover, without marketing, products can fail, especially in the cryptocurrency industry, where many companies compete for a chunk of the market with similar products. In addition, a skilled marketing manager can help take a company to the next level of profits, helping to build brand memorability and gain mainstream adoption in a busy market.

Each product manager marketing job description is slightly different, but there are core elements necessary for the role:-

A product marketing manager’s role may include the following tasks:

  • Possess expert knowledge of the products
  • Ability to translate product features into benefits
  • Establish pricing strategies
  • Build brand awareness
  • Produce sales materials
  • Promote product sales to existing and prospective customers
  • Create successful marketing campaigns
  • Generate sales leads
  • Identify the company’s and the products USP
  • Conduct market research and competitor analysis
  • Monitoring and analysing product sales and revenue
  • Training a sales team
  • Data analysis
  • Creating and tracking KPIs
  • Collaborating with relative departments to maximise sales and marketing strategies

In addition to the above, your responsibilities extend to staying ahead of key market trends by exploring new marketing channels and attending relevant trade shows. In addition, if you’re working with technical products, you will work closely with the product development team.

Other tasks may include writing case studies, white papers, website copy, landing pages, video and podcast scripts, blog posts, and advertising copy. Digital marketing requires a synergistic approach that aligns with the brand. Some companies hire copywriters for these tasks, but if you have the capabilities, it can enhance your job application. Moreover, it’s also a big bonus if you understand search engine optimisation (SEO), as it can significantly help increase brand awareness.

Product Marketing Manager Salary

A product marketing manager’s salary depends on several factors, such as the company’s size, relevant marketing experience and the employer’s industry and location.

The salary for a junior or associate product marketing manager ranges from £30,000 to £45,000. The median salary for an experienced product manager is around £100,000 per year, and a senior product marketing manager salary is £100,000 to £195,000 annually.

Prerequisites for Product Marketing Manager Jobs

Occasionally, you may see a job advertised as a marketing product manager. Every company expects a certain level of expertise as the demand for product marketing is ongoing. Subsequently, unless a company hires you as a junior to learn from a mentor, companies expect product marketing experts to hit the ground running and produce measurable results.

The following is a guide to becoming a product marketing manager:

Tip #1: Gain a Degree and Marketing Education

Most companies list a prerequisite for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing or advertising. In addition, they’ll expect a few years of verifiable experience in marketing, brand management, or sales.

If you begin entry-level marketing, continue CPD training to advance your skills. Still, anything that increases your value to a company can help you get promoted to more senior positions. In addition, you could even aim for director-level product marketing if that appeals to you.

Tip #2: Learn About the Industry

Suppose you secured a marketing role in a blockchain-based video gaming company. Above all, it’s vital to understand the gaming industry, the underlying technology, how it works, competitors etc.

Indeed, your first step is to discover the sector that interests you. Suppose you’re fascinated with NFTs and would love to work in that industry. Take a course and research NFT marketplaces and NFT jobs. If you want a product marketing manager’s job in NFTs, a bit of research means you are better prepared for an interview and can add some NFT skills to your resume.

Tip #3: Develop Soft Skills

Product marketing managers need good soft skills, such as creativity, results-oriented, leadership, negotiation and collaboration, being a team player, flexibility and adaptability, and good public speaking skills. Moreover, you’ll often be required to lead meetings, negotiate with clients and persuade other professionals to support your product marketing ideas.

Strategic planning is another essential skill because a marketing plan comprises many components, where prioritising is vital, and you may be involved in the product development stage.

Tip #4: Prepare Your Product Marketing Manager Resume

Hiring managers often use Applicant Tracking Software to filter candidates’ suitability for an open position. Therefore, tailor your resume to the job role for each job application. Subsequently, use keywords mentioned in the job specification, increasing the chances of the ATS selecting your resume for a first interview.

Perhaps you aren’t in a position to pursue a degree to learn the above skills. If that’s the case, you can pursue an online course to kickstart your career. The following two options cover the necessary learning. Not every company demands a degree as a prerequisite, but they want to see a candidate’s relevant education and experience.

Product Marketing Manager Training

Certified Product Marketing Alliance

The Certified Product Marketing Alliance offer a selection of product marketing courses. The company has the largest PMM community online and has an excellent reputation.

In this example, we feature the Product Marketing Certified Core training, which is 100% online and self-paced.

The comprehensive course has 11 modules. It takes approximately nineteen hours to complete, and there is a final exam with 128 questions, and you can attend optional live weekly workshops. The training is suitable for inexperienced marketers and covers marketing in B2C and B2B environments.

Upon completing the official PMMC® certification, you will understand the marketing frameworks and product marketing principles’ what, how and why. The qualification will help you stand out in the market and get you to your first interview.

On the CPMA website, you can download the course brochure to learn more about the training.

Codeop Tech: Product Management Training

The Codeop product management course is a 60-hour, remote training course with a 360° approach that helps build your product management skills. The training encourages you to think outside the box and develop the right mindset for creating innovative marketing solutions.

You will learn how to navigate cross-functionality in the workplace and work with and understand the roles of stakeholders and different product development teams.

Course subjects covered include the following:

  • How to explore product ideas
  • Learn to understand the audience for the product
  • Define user experiences and target audience
  • Develop a start-up mindset
  • Build the right products for the right people
  • How to set up success metrics for targets
  • Learn Agile frameworks and user mapping, such as Scrum and Kanban
  • Develop sprint planning and user stories

Another critical aspect of product management marketing is how to overcome unconscious biases. A logical and rational approach to the task is often not the most successful, and you may have to battle the biases of company leaders and even product developers. In these instances, you must be able to back up your ideas without sliding into the logical trap of sticking with product marketing concepts (safe and familiar) used for many years.

The Codeop training is in-depth and has nine modules:

  • Module 1: The role of the product manager
  • Module 2: Creating a hypothesis
  • Module 3: Testing a hypothesis
  • Module 4: Scoping your MVP: Part 1
  • Module 5: Scoping your MVP: Part 2
  • Module 6: MVP design and delivery
  • Module 7: Leveraging analytics for product reviews
  • Module 8: Launch Strategies
  • Module 9: Sharpening skills

In addition to the above, the training teaches the essential soft skills for a product marketing manager. You will learn about leadership, effective communication and problem-solving strategies, conflict resolution and critical thinking.

Although the course is self-paced, a course assistant provides administrative support, and a senior instructor is your guide to navigating the training successfully. That person is available during talk sessions to help prepare you for future interviews.

Finally, the training prepares you for structuring product management interviews to give you a good chance of success in finding your first role after qualification.

Career Prospects for a Product Marketing Manager

After gaining experience in a product marketing role, you may wish to progress your career. You could transition into product management or market research. Other opportunities could be to move to a more senior level, such as director or senior product marketing manager.

Conclusion: Product Marketing Manager: 5 Excellent Tips for a Rewarding Career

In conclusion, a product management career requires many skills, but the rewards are excellent. You can access your creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills daily and gain recognition for developing successful marketing campaigns. Product marketing manager jobs are in-demand. After all, marketing is vital for any company because it underpins brand recognition and impacts product sales growth.

A marketing career in product management opens a lot of doors. Above all, in the fast-growing blockchain, Web3, NFT and Metaverse space, companies seek product marketing experts to increase adoption and establish a brand in a space where many others compete for market share.

When you are ready to look for your first role or seeking a new position in product marketing, upload your resume and contact the CB Recruitment team to discuss your option.

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