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3 Fantastic Jobs that Pay 300k a Year in Web3

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We all dream of a six-figure income, but jobs that pay 300k a year salaries seem impossible to imagine for the average earner. If 300k seems a big stretch, there are plenty of easy jobs that pay 200k a year. This post discusses what jobs pay 300k a year so you can decide if training for a career in Web3 is for you.


What Jobs pay 300k a Year?

Most Web3 jobs that pay 300k a year are technical roles, but there are other options. In this post, we will cover the following three highly-paid jobs: –

  1. Chief Information Officer
  2. Web3 Developer
  3. Work for a DAO

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Jobs in the C-suite typically command higher salaries. The CIO is crucial in managing an organisation’s information technology strategies and initiatives supporting the company’s objectives.

With the rapid transformation of Web3 technologies, it’s a demanding job requiring skills beyond traditional IT management. Indeed, over the last decade, the CIO’s role has changed significantly.

In addition, the CIO is the force behind implementing and driving organisational change to incorporate new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, DevOps, the internet of things and more. Depending on the size of an organisation, the CIO may specialise in specific IT areas.

CIO Job Description and Responsibilities

The CIOs responsibilities may vary depending on the organisation and the level of technological advancement. Still, we’ll look at a typical job description and employment duties.

  • Responsible for computer systems and IT
  • Motivate and manage an IT team to achieve department objectives and initiatives
  • Manage an IT budget
  • Develop organisational IT policies, best practices and company procedures to support the business goals
  • Plan, implement and maintain IT operations and systems
  • Stay up-to-date with emerging IT trends and technologies
  • Oversee and manage software requirements
  • Navigate relationships with external contractors such as service providers
  • Risk management: Make an organisation aware of the risks of new IT projects
  • Report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), although some CIOs may have an executive position
  • Collaborate with other C-suite executives, such as the chief technology officer, chief marketing officer and chief financial officer

CIO Job Requirements and Qualifications

Most organisations expect a chief information officer to hold a bachelor’s degree, such as: –

  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Project Management
  • Management Information Systems

In addition, a CIO needs a good understanding of how a business works, so in most job descriptions, organisations ask for a business administration degree.

CIO Skills

Above all, Chief information officers need a balance of hard and soft skills: –

  • Can confidently establish IT security policies and an IT services framework
  • Project and budget management
  • Interpersonal skills; Excellent communication and negotiation skills at all levels; you will often be presenting potential digital solutions to the executive board
  • Good leadership skills; you can lead with integrity and engage others with a project
  • A sense of humour helps!

Chief Information Officer Salary

The salary range for a CIO varies according to factors such as the industry and location, candidates’ experience, education levels, demonstrable skills and the size of the organisation.

The average salary in the UK is around £120k. Still, large organisations pay highly qualified individuals around £250k at a senior level. In addition, you could also receive profit shares and bonuses on top of your annual salary.

Web3 Developer

A Web3 developer with high-level skills and an understanding of blockchain architecture is in high demand with Web3 companies. According to a PwC survey, 84% of companies incorporated blockchain solutions in 2018. The need for skilled candidates exceeds the supply, and organisations subsequently pay top dollar for the right person.

A skilled Web3 developer builds and deploys decentralised applications like Web3 smart contracts and dApps. In addition, some Web3 developers work with 3D design, modelling and content creation.

Some Web3 developers work on the build, development, design and optimisation of blockchain architecture to create effective Web3 solutions.

Developers have specific specialisations based on skills and interests and depending on the nature of the job.

  • Ensure that a network is operational, secure and performs as intended
  • Implement and monitor the performance and functionality of Web3 solutions
  • Create Web3 network interactions that integrate with other services

Some Web3 developers specialise in various aspects of blockchain development, such as Web3 software developers, smart contract and backend developers

How to get Started as a Web3 Developer

  • Understand all aspects of the blockchain and how it works
  • Gain qualification in programming or coding. Study for a degree or find a certificated course, such as blockchain developer
  • Learn coding languages
  • Start working as a Web3 engineer or developer to gain experience
  • Learn about smart contracts and develop one of your own
  • Become an intern or pursue job shadowing opportunities

Web3 Developer Technical Skills

The more skills you have, the better your prospects are for a higher salary.

  • Understand Web3 and Blockchain Architecture: applications, Web3 integration, consensus models, distributed ledger technology and hash functions. Focus on understanding the major networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger, Ripple, Simplicity, NEO and Spark
  • Databases and Data Structures: Understand how to configure a Web3 network
  • Smart Contracts: Understand the different types and how to create them
  • Cryptography: Have a core understanding of cryptography and how the algorithms work in Web3 networks
  • Coding & Programming languages: The more language skills you have for Web3, the better, such as JavaScript, Solidity, C++, Python, Java etc

To test the waters and find out if Web3 development is for you, check the following three online blockchain courses: –

  1. Web Developer Bootcamp: An 11-week course to prepare you for Ethereum blockchain programming
  2. Blockchain Certifications: A low-cost, fast-track, full-stack course
  3. Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp (Solidity): A low-cost, 13-hour introductory course to learn blockchain basics to become an Ethereum Web3 developer

Web3 Developer Salary

The average Web3 developer in the UK is around £80k. However, some Web3 developers earn significantly more. If you pursue contract roles as an experienced Web3 developer, your income ceiling could be well over £300k.

There are plenty of easy jobs that pay 200k a year

Work for a DAO

If you are looking for jobs that make 300k a year, how about Working with a DAO?

OK, it’s a little out there. Some say a DAO is illegal and a scam. You decide. Is not having a C-suite a road to chaos? Is it “safe” to work for a DAO where every member can vote to determine activities and decisions?

According to Coin Telegraph, there’s a rush of employees leaving the corporate environment to work for a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation). A DAO is often transparent, encoded as a computer program and not influenced by a central government. Indeed, its members influence a DAO’s activities and decisions. DAO salaries can be significant. For example, head chef roles (CEO equivalent) can command a salary of $500k+.

Above all, before you dash off to your boss with a resignation letter, it’s not easy to get a paid job with a DAO, and there are many moving parts to consider. The great resignation saw a flood of employees aged between 30 to 45 years old leaving their steady jobs, particularly in the tech industry. Where did they go?

Working from home during the Covid-19 lockdowns gave people a taste of improved work/life balance and a sense of freedom from starchy corporate environments.

At the same time, in August 2022, the number of people becoming members of DAOs exceeded 3 million, with more than 140k people joining DAOs in July 2022. Whether the move to DAOs and the great resignation is linked is yet to be assessed.

As employees tire of toxic work environments, the 9 to 5 drudgery and having every move micromanaged, the lure of a nomad life is calling. Working for a DAO is very different to the corporate world. There is no hierarchy, so no bosses and DAO members have control of their contributions.

Some members are paid, but many are unpaid, volunteering their services at a level that suits their choices. In addition, you can become a member of multiple DAOs and decide where you devote your time.

Can you make a good living from working for a DAO? Well, some members earn more than $300,000 a year. Recently, Sushi acquired a “head chef”. The initial $800k salary offered for this position sparked an uproar among members. In addition, according to the defiant.io article, the lucky candidate’s package could exceed $8 million.

Well, I think we could all live happily on $800k to $8 million! What say you?

What Jobs are Available with a DAO?

A DAO has much the same requirements as any business. The following list is a few examples of key roles in a DAO: –

  1. Developer: Use your Web3 developer skills
  2. Financial Management: A essential role to help manage funds and costs, which, for a large DAO, could run into millions of dollars
  3. Community and Social Media Managers: The objective is to increase the reach of the DAO and attract more members by managing the Discord channel, engaging with members and creating a thriving atmosphere of trust and cohesion
  4. Content Creators: Copywriters, content writers, and video creators help the DAO to sell their products
  5. Designers: Graphic, UX and UI designers
  6. Operational Facilitator: A large DAO can become operationally a rapidly complex organisation.
  7. Marketers: Important at any stage of organisational growth. Expert marketers can help put a DAO on the map and attract new members
  8. Other roles as required: Keep your eye on potential opportunities that suit your skills

All DAOs are different, but they need members to become active contributors to develop their core mission. You may be working to shift or create a new paradigm with Sushi or help create a new culture with BanklessDAO, a ” decentralised community to coordinate and propagate bankless media, culture, and education.”

Or you could join Friends with Benefits, a “worldwide group of cultural creators, thinkers, and builders who convene digitally and IRL to collaboratively shape Web3’s future.”

The appeal of working for a DAO is you are not required to work fixed hours. Moreover, you can work a four-hour week or choose to work full-time, and there’s no irritating management chasing you for results. You choose the level of time investment.

Working for a DAO sounds excellent, but hold on, are there any downsides?

How to get Started with a DAO

Above all, you may have to prove your worth before you get paid, and there’s a time and effort factor too.

Firstly, join a DAO and become active in Discord conversations. Show your worth, volunteer, engage and make connections. In time, your reputation will attract opportunities. You may start with a few part-time tasks and progress to a full-time role if that’s what you want.

Finally, how do you get paid by a DAO? It depends on each organisation, but you may receive the platform’s native tokens as payment or receive stablecoins such as $USDC

Conclusion: 3 Fantastic Jobs that pay 300k a Year in Web3

To sum up, if these jobs that pay 300k a year seem out of reach, don’t worry. Numerous Web3 careers pay employees more than 100k, and not all are technical. There are easy jobs that pay 200k a year in marketing, sales, recruitment and other less technically challenging roles.

Whether you train as a Web3 developer, Chief Information Officer or hang up your employee boots to work for a DAO, there are exceptional opportunities in Web3. Contact the CB Recruitment team today, and let’s discuss your options.



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