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Top 7 Best Crypto Jobs Remote (2023)

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Find out why demand for Web3 jobs and crypto jobs remote is increasing? Firstly, the crypto industry is fast-growing and becoming hard to ignore with highly-paid blockchain developer jobs the most popular. Secondly, governments across the world are embracing digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Moreover, remote crypto jobs present some of the best opportunities to candidates with the prerequisite skills and experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In addition, crypto jobs remote working are sought-after roles.

After reading this article, you’ll certainly have a clearer picture of the benefits of working in crypto? In addition, we’ll explain that the crypto bubble has not burst, and the demand for the best candidates for remote crypto jobs is increasing exponentially.


Do governments take cryptocurrencies seriously?

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden agrees that cryptocurrencies can no longer be considered a fad. To clarify, in March 2022, President Biden signed an executive order directing government agencies to collaborate on setting up a regulatory framework for digital currencies.

The move was certainly welcomed by cryptocurrency experts such as Cleve Mesidor, the public policy advisor at the Blockchain Association. Mesidor said, “It’s a step in the right direction that the White House is assessing digital assets from the perspective of innovation and competitiveness. Data shows working, and middle-class Americans that have been locked out of the traditional financial system are leading mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

Still, what does this order mean for the future of cryptocurrency jobs? This guide outlines the top reasons why you might want to work in cryptocurrency and how to get started.

Firstly, you may know that the cryptocurrency market hasn’t performed well during 2022. The price of Bitcoin and altcoins crashed to new lows, and many uneducated investors are saying that’s it, cryptocurrency is over, and the bubble has burst.

Nothing could be further from the truth for jobs in the cryptocurrency industry.

Regardless of market conditions for Bitcoin and falling cryptocurrency prices, the demand for skilled candidates for crypto and blockchain jobs is increasing. Cryptocurrency firms and publicly owned companies are searching for the top talent in the crypto space, and compensation packages are significant for the right candidate.

What’s it like to work in the crypto industry?

You might imagine that all crypto remote jobs involve working for one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase or Gate.io. These companies often promote remote crypto jobs and offer an attractive benefits package. The demand in Web3 jobs is surpassing expectations and that is unlikely to slow down soon.

Some of these crypto exchanges offer employee equity and stock options. Coinbase, for instance, was recently listed on NASDAQ. The stock profits could add to your income package if the stock performs well.

Top 7 crypto jobs remote working roles: –

Blockchain developer

Blockchain architect

Blockchain engineer

Solidity Developer

Blockchain Consultant

Metaverse Developer

Product Marketing Manager

Remuneration packages are variable, but a blockchain developer’s salary could range from £55,000 to £150,000, and a blockchain architect or project manager could anticipate a salary of up to £185,000, sometimes more.

You might like to read “The 5 most in-demand cryptocurrency jobs” for an idea of job specifications and salaries.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your skills for applying for remote crypto jobs because the demand is high. Companies actively seek the best talent on the market, and compensation packages are often exceptional.

For instance, you might expect a crypto jobs remote-offer package to provide: –

  • A good salary
  • Remote working
  • Flexible or hybrid hours
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • College tuition support, or free in some cases
  • Bonuses
  • Payment in Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies

Is it safe to work in cryptocurrency?

As mentioned earlier, the demand for talent in cryptocurrency is currently exceeding the supply. There is no correlation between the volatile cryptocurrency market and cryptocurrency jobs. Companies across the globe are adopting blockchain technology to improve existing processes, which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Crypto jobs remote working provides global opportunities for candidates to work from a home office, with the same benefits as an office-based crypto job.

Do I get paid in cryptocurrency?

How about if the company pays employees with cryptocurrency? Is that safe, considering the unpredictability of cryptocurrency prices?

Good question.

If you accept your salary paid in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, these are the factors to consider. Suppose you receive £5000 in Ethereum (ETH) at the end of the month, and the next week, the price of $ETH drops by 50%? Yes, in that case, you are out of pocket. In addition, another factor to consider is you pay tax on the exact payment amount, not on the value later.

However, you can negotiate payment with a stablecoin, such as $USDC, which is pegged to the U.S dollar. That means if the dollar value is $0.90, the $USDC price correlates with it. The leading cryptocurrency exchanges list $USDC. You can exchange it for fiat currency on an off-ramp cryptocurrency platform.

If you’re working for a cryptocurrency company like an exchange, discuss your concerns and agree on how best you prefer to be paid.

Is it better to join a cryptocurrency start-up company?

It’s an ongoing debate whether it is better to work in a crypto job for an established, publicly owned company or take a calculated risk on working a remote crypto job with a fresh, new start-up company. The honest answer is there are no guarantees for job security in either situation. For instance, Coinbase is a long-standing cryptocurrency exchange with a superb reputation in the crypto industry. Still, recently Coinbase had to “lay off” over 1,000 staff.

Whatever company you choose to work for, it’s a good idea to ensure the company’s mission, values, and culture align with yours. Entrepreneurial risk-takers typically lead start-up companies. Blockchain developer jobs and Web3 jobs are in-demand for start-up companies. Some employees and contractors enjoy the potential for massive growth by working with some of the brightest minds in blockchain technology, the metaverse, NFTs, Fintech or DeFi.

Why do venture capitalists back start-ups

Venture capitalists often back crypto start-ups because they know the tech industry presents high potential growth. Investors can get involved at ground level and potentially see a significant return on the investment.

Crypto start-ups these days are not lawless cowboys pushing a Ponzi scheme into the market. Indeed, cryptocurrency attracts some of the greatest minds in tech, innovators who want to make a global impact, disrupt mainframe processes, and change the world. They’re motivated by a higher purpose to lead the way and encourage mainstream adoption of the expanding world of blockchain technology.

If you’re hunting for a remote crypto job, consider what’s important to you. Working for a big company with thousands of staff might be what you’re seeking. Alternatively, working with the brightest minds to create something from the ground up could be equally lucrative and rewarding.

What are the risks of working in crypto jobs remote?

We’ve outlined some potential risks, such as a salary paid in cryptocurrency. Otherwise, working in cryptocurrency is no riskier than working in any industry. Indeed, demand for talented cryptocurrency employees and contractors will likely continue to increase for the foreseeable future. In addition, if you are highly skilled and provide value to your new employer, the potential for career progression is exceptional.

The cryptocurrency industry welcomes diversity and innovation. New start-ups emerge daily in the crypto space with the need for the best talent to work with them. More publicly owned companies, like IBM, Walmart, and Microsoft, are embracing blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency exchanges continue to hire even in a bear market. It’s an exciting and energy-infused industry, reflective of the early days of the dot-com boom.

Conclusion: Why demand for crypto jobs remote is increasing?

To sum up, why work in crypto? We’ve explored the potential benefits and risks of working in a cryptocurrency position. In addition, the consensus is that it’s a rewarding career for employees in the crypto industry. Training for a new cryptocurrency or blockchain development career opens a world of opportunities for you to enjoy a long and rewarding experience working with evolving blockchain technologies.

Candidates often search for “crypto jobs remote no experience.” You might like to read “How to get a cryptocurrency job with no experience” and look at the multiple certificated training courses available online.

The salary and benefits can be significant whether you work with a cryptocurrency start-up or an established company. Above all, you can determine the potential for career advancement by your commitment to developing your skills to embrace new technologies and add value to your employer.

Meanwhile, if you’re ready to find out what career direction to take in crypto, contact the CB Recruitment team, attach your resume, and let’s talk about your future.


Am I too old to get a cryptocurrency job?

You’re never too old if you have the skills and experience a company seeks. The demographics of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and employees may appear to be young males under thirty. Still, employers evaluate candidates on merit. Moreover, if you are the top talent for a role, you stand as much chance of a job offer as other candidates.

What are career prospects with cryptocurrency roles?

Opportunities in cryptocurrency jobs are unrivalled. Most companies support CPD so you can continue to build your crypto and blockchain skills and increase your value as an employee.

Can I work a crypto job full time?

Yes, absolutely. Most cryptocurrency jobs are full-time, even remote crypto jobs

How much can I earn working in cryptocurrencies?

It depends on your qualifications and skills and the job role. If you are an entry-level crypto developer, you could start on £30-45k as a minimum, depending on factors like where the company is based.

How do I find jobs in cryptocurrency?

Contact our team of consultants to discuss your career in cryptocurrencies. We can help develop your resume, guide you on interview techniques and find the ideal job to suit your requirements. Upload your resume today and schedule a call with a member of our team.

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