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5 Amazing Metaverse Careers that can Change your Life

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Imagine your wildest idea for exploring metaverse careers and hold that thought. Metaverse technology is rapidly evolving, and the scope for Web3 jobs for techies and creatives is intense. From entry-level metaverse jobs to a career using high-level skills, there is something for everyone in the metaverse.

The metaverse space is creating global opportunities for the right candidates providing unimaginable scope for highly satisfying work and exponential career progression.

Multiple big tech companies across the globe are embracing metaverse technology, such as Facebook's Meta, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Meta aims to provide an immersive user experience with plans to "become a space for people to connect via real-life experiences." The Meta website states, "The future of connection will be in 3D. The metaverse will be a place where we can work, play, and connect with others in immersive, online experiences."

This article highlights five potential metaverse careers, from the downright whacky to highly technical positions for the tech geeks of the world.

What is the Metaverse?

Not to be confused with a pure gaming experience, in a nutshell, the metaverse is a combination of technologies where users can experience real-world activities and processes. For instance, you can buy and sell virtual land and real estate, set up commercial businesses, and attend music concerts, conferences, parties, games, and meetings. You can purchase physical and virtual items like clothes and sneakers from companies inside the metaverse and create an avatar to represent you in the space.

In short, the metaverse is a virtual representation of the real world but kind of better, some might say.

What is the Future of the Metaverse?

According to a share and trends analysis report, the global metaverse market size will reach $678 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 39.4% from 2022 to 2030. This forecast mainly focuses on the widespread adoption and increased demand from end-use industries.

At a time when many industries are struggling financially, the metaverse certainly appears not to be slowing down any time soon, and that can only be good if you plan to pursue a metaverse career.

Metaverse growth will spread across multiple global industries, such as: -

  1. Defence
  2. Education
  3. Media
  4. Aerospace
  5. Entertainment

The point is, there's probably never been a better time to start thinking about metaverse jobs. We see an increase in demand for top talent, and metaverse companies typically pay well for the best candidates.

Despite the media's doom and gloom, daily reporting redundancies and liquidations of traditional businesses, the metaverse space may be one of the areas where you could find better job security. Of course, it's an opinion; feel free to dispute it. Still, with innovation and growth comes opportunity. That's a fact.

So, without further ado, let's explore the five metaverse careers that could change your life

Metaverse Careers #1: Virtual Real Estate Agent

Yes, we will start with the surreal and whacky metaverse jobs. A virtual real estate agent? Are you serious? Absolutely. Virtual land and real estate are becoming of great interest to users in the metaverse. Similarly to the real estate agent's role in the physical world, the metaverse needs someone with relevant skills to market, lease and sell properties and land in the metaverse.

If you are a real estate agent, the opportunities in the metaverse could transcend your daily experience. It can quickly become an exciting and lucrative metaverse career.

Your daily tasks and responsibilities include the following: -

  • Generating leads
  • Responding promptly to new leads
  • Time management
  • Building strong client relationships
  • Prospecting for new clients
  • Advertising: Creating profitable ads
  • Advising and updating clients on trending virtual estate
  • Monitoring the metaverse market for trends and opportunities
  • Data reporting and analytics

To qualify as a virtual real estate agent, you will need sales experience and excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including negotiation. Of course, to gain client confidence and sales, you must have good knowledge of the metaverse, NFTs and the transactional logistics of renting, buying, and selling virtual properties.

3 Benefits of Becoming a Virtual Real Estate Agent: -

  1. Flexible working
  2. Great work/life balance: You choose when you work
  3. Good rewards

There are a few cons to the job. It can be demanding, and you need the right mindset to commit to spending time with clients in the metaverse.

Salary Expectations for Virtual Real Estate Agents

Salaries vary per metaverse project, but you are unlikely to earn less than £100,000 yearly as a full-time virtual real estate agent.

Metaverse Careers #2: AR/VR Software Engineers

AR/VR software engineers are in high demand. AR (Augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are core components of the metaverse, requiring the skills that AR/VR software engineers provide, such as the following: -

  • Computer science degree
  • Interactive 3D technologies
  • Extended reality (XR)
  • Mixed reality (MR)
  • Programming languages: For example, Solidity, JavaScript, Python, C++, and Rust
  • Workable knowledge of tools and technologies such as Unreal Engine, Autodesk Maya, Unity, Amazon Sumerian, and open-source Blender
  • UX design familiarity with creating user-friendly interfaces with stable and secure architecture

In addition to technical skills, an AR/VR software engineer needs soft skills like: -

  • Excellent communication
  • Team player
  • Collaborative
  • Adaptable
  • Problem-solver
  • Creative

Salary Expectations for AR/VR Software Engineers

It's a highly-paid metaverse job. Salaries range from £110,000+. For senior AR/VR software engineers, anticipate earning £125,000+.

Metaverse Careers #3: 3D Game Designers

There are multiple creative metaverse jobs in high demand. A 3D game designer is essential to developing an enjoyable and interactive user experience. It's an immersive role requiring a multitude of skills. You will work closely with a product development team to create a metaverse experience that attracts and retains thousands or millions of users.

Skills Required for 3D Game Designers

This metaverse job requires a blend of artistic, creative and technical skills. For example: -

  • Basic programming
  • Illustration and appropriate software
  • Creativity
  • Analytical
  • 3D modelling
  • Gaming software experience such as Unity, Blender, and Unreal Engine
  • Lighting

In addition, soft skills such as problem-solving, leadership, communication and collaboration are essential. You must have the ability to convey ideas that others can understand and implement. To become a 3D game designer, you can work towards a degree in game design with many online courses.

Salary Expectations for 3D Game Designers

It may not be the highest-paid position in the metaverse, but at around £65,000, it's a fair salary for a creative career,

Metaverse Careers #4: Virtual Tour Guide

The metaverse is still not understood by mass swathes of the population, but curiosity and interest are growing. People need help navigating and understanding virtual worlds.

Much like a tour guide in the physical world, you will assist metaverse visitors, advising them about all the complexities and metaverse spaces they can visit.

A virtual tour guide has comprehensive knowledge of the metaverse industry. You can demystify complex technology in user-friendly language that helps new visitors develop the confidence to explore and enjoy the space.

Salary Expectations for Virtual Tour Guides

It's not the highest-paid metaverse job, but it's a great entry-level job to get into the space. You may be paid per tour or an hourly salary. Salaries range between £30,000 to £50,000 depending on factors such as how many tours you complete or the specific industry.

Metaverse Careers #5: Storytellers

Storytellers are vital to the metaverse space, and if you have writing skills, it can be a unique, fascinating and well-paid metaverse career for a writer.

Depending on what sector of the metaverse you are in, you might write action sequences, character and story plots, and sales material to help the customer journey. You could write role-playing game stories and material that helps build social interaction in the metaverse.

To secure a metaverse job as a storyteller, you must demonstrate creative writing and storytelling skills. Some organisations may list a degree as a prerequisite. Still, if you can demonstrate ability, enthusiasm and passion for the position, you can get a foot in the door and prove your value to an employer. In addition, it helps if you have a good grasp of human behaviour, understand the psychology behind why we love stories and know how to create emotional responses with your words.

Other Skills Required for a Metaverse Storyteller

  • Team player
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Problem-solving
  • Understanding of the elements of game development (including design and programming)

You can also get specific training, such as the Institute of Art and Design Storytelling for the metaverse course.

Salary Expectations for a Metaverse Storyteller

Depending on your experience and qualifications, a metaverse storyteller's salary is from £45,000+.

Additional Metaverse Careers

Every job in the metaverse relies on the input and cooperation of other workers to create a seamless and enjoyable user experience. The following list is other metaverse jobs with a brief description of each role: -

  • Metaverse Architects: Help create stable and interactive architecture supporting a metaverse project. Many real-world architects use 3D reality to view architecture intended for physical development
  • Metaverse Developer: Build applications to create an immersive and interactive environment for users using AR, VI and AI technology
  • CyberSecurity: Cyberhackers stole $2 million of digital assets in 2022. The demand for cyber security engineers is growing daily
  • Product Manager: An essential role to build, oversee and test products for the best end-user experience before launching to market
  • Ecosystem Developer: Creating a synergistic ecosystem to improve the user experience and develop a strong community
  • Metaverse Event Managers: Organise events in the metaverse
  • Metaverse Marketing Specialist: If you are a skilled marketing professional, you could be in high demand for a metaverse role
  • World Builder: Similar position to 3D game designers
  • Research Scientist: Data is crucial for metaverse success. Research scientists track performance and statistics to enable a platform to improve and increase demand for its products
  • Ad Blocking Experts: Vital to minimise metaverse disruption for users
  • Data Bounty Hunter: Data underpins everything in the metaverse. This job requires a metaverse expert with digital and data mining skills

Conclusion: 5 Amazing Metaverse Careers That Can Change Your Life

From entry-level metaverse jobs to high-level metaverse careers, there is something for everyone in the metaverse space. You don't necessarily need technical skills, but soft skills such as communication and collaboration are essential because it takes a cohesive team to create an exceptional user experience.

2023 is likely to be a spectacular year for the metaverse. AI and metaverse technology is evolving and providing innovative services and high-tech experiences that were unimaginable even in 2022. It's an exciting time as more people follow metaverse careers and improve their lives.

Remote and flexible working is almost a given in the metaverse, so as well as having a good work/life balance, you can escape the daily drama of working in a toxic working environment.

Finally, the metaverse is a growing industry that demands top talent with specific or transferable skills. It could be you!

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