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The 5 Most in-demand Cryptocurrency Jobs Remote 2023

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What are the 5 most-in-demand cryptocurrency jobs remote 2022? In this guide, we help you discover the highest paying blockchain jobs, and how to get started with your crypto career.

There are over 19,500 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap, and the popularity of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) exploded in 2021. Moreover, it’s incredible that some of the top auction houses now sell NFTs. In February 2021, digital art, Everydays: the first 5000 days, sold at Christie’s for $69 million. Mike Winkelmann, the digital artist known as Beeple, created the collage of 5000 images daily over thirteen years.

Subsequently, NFT projects sprung up everywhere online, with many NFTs selling for millions of dollars. Simultaneously, the cryptocurrency industry was expanding, and the number of cryptocurrency jobs remote grew with Web3 careers exploding. In addition, developers and engineers began researching crypto careers to see if their skills were transferable to blockchain jobs.

As a result, candidates with experience in an equivalent skillset are now rapidly transferring their skills and applying for Bitcoin jobs and crypto jobs.

The popularity of digital assets became attractive to investors as the Bitcoin (BTC) value increased. As most altcoins (alternatives to Bitcoin) correlate with the price of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency prices subsequently rocketed to new highs, and the demand for crypto jobs increased.

This guide looks at the 5 most in-demand cryptocurrency jobs remote 2022. In addition, it will outline what a blockchain role involves, such as job specifications, employer prerequisites, and salary ranges. Moreover, it’s no secret that blockchain jobs are among the highest-paid positions in the entire IT industry.

Let’s find out the 5 most in-demand jobs in cryptocurrency 2022.


The 5 Most in-demand Cryptocurrency Jobs remote 2022

If you’re looking for a new role in the blockchain space, many Bitcoin jobs are available. Candidate applications for jobs in cryptocurrency are increasing. Therefore, if you have the necessary skills, one of the five popular crypto jobs could be what you are seeking. In addition, these highly-paid crypto careers will likely remain sought-after for a considerable time.

Blockchain Developer

Salary: £55,000 – £150,000+

Blockchain developer is one of the most sought-after jobs in crypto. The work involves designing secure blockchain systems to keep data storage safe and record blockchain transactions.

Blockchain developers create immutable systems and develop application interfaces and features. In addition, a blockchain developer maintains server-side and client applications like smart contracts.

Blockchain developers fall into two distinct categories: –

  1. Core Blockchain Developers: Develop the network architecture, blockchain and consensus protocols and related blockchain security solutions
  2. Blockchain Software Developer: Develops APIs, smart contracts, and the front and blockchain-based back end of DApps

Blockchain developers need extensive blockchain technical skills, including smart contract development and programming languages like C++, Java or Solidarity. In addition, blockchain developers must understand cryptographic hash functions, consensus, data structures and distributed ledger technology.

Moreover, advanced knowledge of cryptography, such as SHA256 (Bitcoin) and KECCAK256 (Ethereum), are essential prerequisites if you want a position in blockchain development. In addition, you must have a grasp of asynchronous cryptography (a process using keys for encrypting and decrypting messages)

You might like to read How to become a blockchain developer.

Blockchain Architect

Salary: £150,000-£185,000

Blockchain architects lead blockchain projects combining business and software goals. They work closely with research and development teams to build and develop new performance standards and create innovative solutions. They’re project managers, strategists, team leaders and innovators.

Similarly to blockchain developers, a blockchain architect must understand the mechanisms of a blockchain system. That requires extensive coding skills and, in addition, well-developed technical, leadership and business skills.

The work is more demanding than a developer role; the knowledge base includes programming languages, data structures, blockchain interoperability and architecture, product specification and cryptography. In addition, a blockchain architect must understand front-end and back-end web design and development because you are responsible for coding concepts.

Blockchain architects must have the skill to implement strategy development and good communication skills to enable the team to implement assignments. It’s one of the top jobs in cryptocurrency, and although it’s a multitasking role leading teams and working with technology, the financial rewards are considerable for the top Blockchain architects.

Read how to become a highly-paid blockchain architect.

Blockchain Project Manager

Salary: £20,000 – £185,000

Firstly, take note of the differentiation between each end of the salary scale. Primarily, salary depends on the company’s size, the project and your experience.

Secondly, blockchain project managers coordinate their time between clients and developers. They assess the project’s scope and work with a team for processing, database systems, and token economy. “A token economy is a system of contingency management based on the systematic reinforcement of target behavior. The reinforcers are symbols or tokens that can be exchanged for other reinforcers” Wikipedia

The blockchain project manager works on the blockchain infrastructure if there is no token economy. The role includes overseeing transaction management systems, observing, reporting and working on security protocols. Above all, the objective of a blockchain project manager is to achieve maximum efficiency and reliability. You’ll need to immerse yourself in the development lifecycle of the projects and prioritise risk management.

Finally, a blockchain project manager must be an excellent communicator, a good team leader and manager and have strategic thinking skills.

Blockchain UX Designer

Salary: £65,000 – £117,000

We enjoy visuals, hence the popularity of the colourful, often garish, NFTs. As blockchain technology gained popularity, projects sought to create more visually appealing user-interfaces (UI) to make them more accessible and beginner-friendly to crypto enthusiasts.

The role of a blockchain UX designer is to turn complicated technology like smart contracts into an easy-to-understand visual. UX means “user experience.” The front-end and back-end user experience is often complex and challenging for many blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Therefore, UX designers create visual, easy-to-follow UX cues for users.

Blockchain UX designers usually work autonomously. There are no fixed rules for creating the best user interface. In other words, the objective is to create something visually attractive and intuitive for beginners.

Blockchain UX designers need UX/UI design implementation skills and working knowledge of mockup and wireframe design tools like Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch or Figma. In addition, it can help to increase the scope of your work if you are familiar with HTML, JavaScript or CSS.

If you enjoy having the freedom to be creative, a Blockchain UX Designer role could be perfect for you.

Read the in-depth guide about how to become a UX designer.

Blockchain Engineer

Salary: £45,000 – £135,000

Blockchain engineers build and implement digital blockchain solutions for companies. They’ll do an in-depth analysis of current solutions, including the infrastructure, and have a discovery meeting with the client to understand the company objectives and goals. The engineer then works to develop assets or accelerators, building the infrastructure in line with requirements. Subsequently, they may have to create documents for the infrastructure and safeguard back-end functionality.

Blockchain engineers often use Hyperledger or Ethereum platforms to make their job more effective. In addition, they may also be responsible for training inexperienced employees.

Like most blockchain jobs, Blockchain engineers must demonstrate an extensive understanding of blockchain architecture, front-end and back-end development, data structures and cryptography. In addition, acquiring in-depth working knowledge of one or more programming languages like Solidarity, C++ or Python can add to your value to a company.

Read how to become a highly-paid blockchain engineer.

Training and Courses for cryptocurrency jobs

In most cases, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science or information technology is a prerequisite for crypto careers in blockchain. Still, if you’re just starting, there is an excellent range of online courses for all levels of experience.

Certified Blockchain Developer

The Educative online course teaches you to “build blockchain concepts from the ground up.” In addition, you’ll also learn Hyperledger Fabric technology in an online, hands-on development environment.

Educative suggest that the training is a perfect starting point for engineers who want to develop blockchain technology skills

Access the course

The Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA)

The Blockchain Training Alliance provide numerous affordable online courses. The CBSA performance-based, certificated course consists of a 70 multiple-choice exam that takes 1.5 hours to complete.

The Blockchain Alliance website states that the exam is “an elite way to demonstrate your knowledge to choose appropriate blockchain systems for various use cases and work effectively with both public and permissioned blockchains systems.”

In addition, you will become a member of a community of blockchain leaders. After successful certification, you receive monthly industry updates via video and email.

Access the course

Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals

The Berkeley University of California offers this self-paced, online course. They estimate it will take three months to complete if you study for 3-5 hours a week. Moreover, you’ll learn the fundamentals of blockchain, notably Bitcoin. If you’re browsing for Bitcoin jobs, this course may be suitable.

The course may suit entry-level students, and it is low-cost. In addition, it could be an ideal course if you are considering a career in blockchain development and want to dip your toe in the water to see if pursuing a crypto job is right for you.

Access the course

Conclusion: The 5 most in-demand cryptocurrency jobs remote 2022

The cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Subsequently, the demand for blockchain experts is increasing. Moreover, in 2022, more people are searching online for cryptocurrency jobs remote and hoping to land their first high-paying role in a blockchain job.

To recap, the 5 most in-demand cryptocurrency jobs remote 2022 are:-

  • Blockchain developer
  • Blockchain architect
  • Blockchain project manager
  • Blockchain UX designer
  • Blockchain engineer

If you want to explore crypto careers, get started today. When you are ready to secure a fantastic position, contact the CB recruitment team, attach your resume and let’s talk.



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How to get a job in cryptocurrency?

If you are a beginner, start by taking a few certificated courses to demonstrate your enthusiasm and desire to learn about cryptocurrencies. Initially, you might consider an intern position to acquire the necessary skills and experience.

In addition, register with a cryptocurrency recruitment specialist such as CB Recruitment and discuss your core skills with a recruitment consultant.

Can you choose cryptocurrency as full time job?

Yes, a cryptocurrency job can be rewarding and well-paid if you have the necessary skills and qualifications.

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