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Web3 is still relatively uncharted territory but it’s evolving fast, with many opportunities opening for technical and non-technical web3 jobs. In addition, web3 incorporates: –

  • NFTs (non-fungible tokens)
  • The metaverse
  • Token economy
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Advanced blockchain technologies
  • and much more.

In simple terms, web3 is the new era of the world wide web. Above all, its decentralised nature significantly impacts future potential of web 3.0.

Web3 development will take the web to new levels, such as: –
  • Better data connecting
  • Improved user interaction
  • More user control of data
  • Enhanced security
  • More opportunities for content creation
  • Content creators have more control over ownership of their work
  • Trustless transactions (with no middlemen)
  • Easier to share knowledge
  • It will change the way humans collaborate

Web3 Is not fully actualised yet as it must evolve from web 1.0 and web 2.0, and that certainly involves implementing significant changes.

This guide focuses on the jobs available in web3 in 2022. In addition, we’ll closely examine three technical web3 jobs and four non-technical web3 jobs, allowing everyone interested in a web 3.0 career to get started.


The Evolution of the World Wide Web

When the web began, it was significantly different from how it is today. Moreover, it has certainly evolved and will soon bear little resemblance to how we first transacted with the web.

What is Web 1.0?

Web 1.0 was the first version of the internet, driven almost solely by web developers building websites with static file content such as images and text. At the time, websites had little interactivity potential for users.

What is Web 2.0?

Primarily, web 2.0 is how we see the web today. It’s more interactive than web 1.00 and it’s more social. In addition, with the advent of user-friendly apps, anyone can create and share content for global interaction. We are no longer reliant on web developers to create content.

Why work in Web3?

Above all, it’s an exciting time to be starting a career in web3 jobs, though in many ways, web 3.0 is still in its infancy. However, as more companies embrace digital technology, they need qualified staff to help develop and incorporate web3.

Because there’s a shortage of top talent in web3, companies offer a high salary even for non-technical positions. You can develop a rewarding career as an engineer, a marketing professional, technical recruiting and even sales.

The top 3 highly paid web3 technical jobs

1. Web3 Solidity Developer

Solidity is a smart programming language used to develop dApps or smart contracts.

The “must-have” skills required for a Solidity Developer

  • Good knowledge of working and use cases of the Ethereum blockchain
  • Fundamental understanding of blockchain technology
  • Experience in programming languages (to make it easier to learn Solidity)

Useful to have Skills for a Solidity Developer

The below list are skills you can develop “on the job”, but if you have the experience, it can help your application to a Solidity web3 Developer position: –

  • Hands-on experience working on blockchain platforms
  • Experience working with design or architecture on Solidity blockchain projects
  • Practical experience with smart contracts (development, applications and architecture)

Moreover, if you’re starting without experience, become familiar with web3 evolution, blockchain basics, and decentralised applications. In addition, learn about Solidity and real-use applications. Further, there are many online courses available, such as the Blockchain Council certificated course.

What is a Web3 Solidity Developer Salary?

A Solidity Developer’s salary can be around £80,000 or more.

2. Web3 Blockchain Developer

The demand for experienced blockchain developers is increasing; subsequently, it’s a well-paid career move. Blockchain developers primarily: –

  • Design secure and immutable systems on the blockchain
  • Record blockchain transactions
  • Keep data storage secure
  • Maintain server-side and client applications

There are two categories of blockchain developers. Core blockchain developers work on the protocols and help develop the network architecture. Meanwhile, software developers work on the front and back end of dApps, smart contracts and APIs.

The “must-have” skills required for a blockchain developer

  • Extensive blockchain technical skills
  • Smart contract development
  • Experience in programming languages such as Java, C++, or Solidarity
  • Understand cryptography, such as hash functions, data structures, consensus and distributed ledger technology
  • Have advanced cryptography knowledge, such as KECCAK256 (Ethereum) and SHA256 (Bitcoin). In addition, a good understanding of asynchronous cryptography is helpful to your application

What is a Web3 Blockchain Developer’s Salary?

A web3 developer salary varies depending on your experience. However, you can anticipate earnings from £55,000 to £150,000+.

3. Web3 Technical Product Manager

Web3 Technical product managers work with a company’s product and development team to create and build new products. The role requires technical skills and also the ability to communicate and collaborate with others.

Most importantly, a product manager is responsible for the product lifecycle. Moreover, that includes creating a workable roadmap, planning budgets, monitoring each phase and managing customer expectations and requirements.

Technical skills required for product managers

  • Data analysis & management: Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel to create data spreadsheets
  • Understanding of algorithms and data structures
  • Analytics: Ability to understand and utilise market trends and customer behaviour
  • Understanding of coding languages such as SQL, Python, etc
  • Statistical analysis reporting & statistics concepts
  • Split testing beta products
  • Creating a product roadmap: Outlining each stage of development
  • Software development skills
  • Market research skills: identifying a target audience and maximising outreach
  • Ability to prototype ideas
  • Understanding of marketing principles
  • Design abilities: UI and UX skills are helpful so product managers can create and share ideas with developers and engineers

Soft skills required for Technical Product Managers

Above all, good communication skills are essential, both verbal and written. That is to say, a product manager’s role may include challenging customer and team conversations. In addition, product managers are required to create presentations and communicate with third-party project management apps.

Above all, a product manager must be able to make decisions, prioritise and delegate activities according to what is essential for successful product completion. Still, at times, priorities may clash, so problem-solving skills are also helpful.

Likewise, a product manager must demonstrate an ability to work with and direct a team with emotional intelligence and understand how to manage different personality types effectively.

What is a Web3 Technical Product Manager’s Salary?

The average technical product manager can earn £90,000 to £190,000+. New product managers’ salaries range from £30,000 to £90,000. Meanwhile, senior technical product managers may command salaries over £400,000.

The top 4 non-technical web3 jobs

Web3 has many opportunities for candidates who do not have technical skills but have capabilities that can adapt to web 3.0 jobs.

1. Web3 Marketing Officer

Every business needs a marketing strategy, so if you have marketing experience, there are numerous opportunities to work in web3. Still, whilst you don’t need technical skills in this environment, it would be helpful if you have a good understanding of web3, blockchain, NFTs, etc.

A marketing officer oversees a company’s marketing and advertising campaigns and helps develop the brand image and intent. Above all, you’ll need good interpersonal and organisational skills and the ability to implement and strategise campaigns.

The primary responsibilities of a marketing officer are: –

  • Creating, managing and developing marketing campaigns
  • Identifying and analysing data for a target audience
  • Implementing promotional activities
  • Creating and overseeing social media campaigns
  • Evaluating campaign effectiveness
  • Regular reporting on statistics and trends in digital media

Most marketing officer roles require a degree in marketing or communications and experience in a marketing position. Still, in addition, you’ll need knowledge of web analytics, social media, and market research techniques.

What is a Web3 Marketing Officer’s Salary?

Depending on the level of your marketing experience, a marketing office can earn £40,000 to £100,000+.

2. Web3 Community Manager

A web3 community manager is a responsible role. Above all, it’s a job where you set the tone for the company that employs you. Moreover, most web3 projects are community-driven. As a result, how you direct the community can significantly impact project progression.

To become a community manager, decide what niche interests you. Moreover, it’s a full-on role, and it’s not for everyone, so at least choose something you will enjoy. For instance, a community manager in an NFT project differs from a DeFI project. For example, in a DeFi community, your role is to encourage people to use the platform.

Meanwhile, in an NFT community, your job is to create energy for the NFT project, so you’ll build a vibrant community. Therefore, it’s best to find a web3 community manager role that suits your personality.

Become familiar with web3 tools used by community managers: –
  • Discord: Most web3’s have a Discord server to organise their communities
  • Twitter
  • Notion: A platform to manage information
  • Dework: to organise community tasks
  • Medium: A blogging platform for weekly updates and blog posts

Firstly, become familiar with web3 projects by joining a few Discord servers that align with your interests and a community you’d be happy to manage. Secondly, become an active member so a community gets to know you. Meanwhile, offer to perform web3 tasks and build your reputation.

Finally, take notes of what web3 projects you’ve worked on so you can highlight these tasks when talking to a hiring manager.

What is a Web3 Community Manager’s Salary?

Web3 community manager’s salaries can vary depending on whether you work part-time or are employed full-time. The former may pay around £500 a week. However, full-time web3 community managers can earn from £40,000 and up to £145,000+.

3. Web3 Public Relations Manager

Every company needs PR to create awareness and excitement for its services, new products etc. If you are a PR expert, transferring your skills to web3 is straightforward but requires understanding web3, the metaverse, NFTs etc. For instance, you could be creating advertising campaigns for virtual worlds.

Within web3, you may be working with various projects, such as: –
  • NFTs: Creating PR for new NFT (non-fungible tokens) collections
  • Play2Earn: Players get digital rewards for playing games. PR managers must find a way to maximise the opportunities on a play2earn platform
  • GameFi: Blockchain gaming platforms are increasing in popularity. A PR campaign finds ways to monetise games and help players earn digital currency

In today’s emerging web3, users want more control of their experiences and to be part of a thriving community. Above all, PR managers must create targeted, personalised, authentic and transparent campaigns.

What is a Web3 Public Relations Manager’s Salary?

Web3 PR managers can make a good income, depending on experience, ranging from £40,000 to £175,000+.

4. Web3 Technical Recruiter

The demand for top talent in web3 is increasing exponentially. However, there is a shortage of qualified and experienced candidates. A technical recruiter role includes: –

  • Finding a consistent pool of high-quality candidates
  • Screening and interviewing candidates
  • Assisting with resumes for a role
  • Helping prepare candidates for interview
  • Talking to companies to encourage them to sign with your agency
  • Preparing job specifications

Technical recruitment is a challenging job. Above all, you’ll need to understand and converse on multiple complex roles with candidates and clients. In addition, you’ll have at least two years of IT recruitment experience and a solid grasp of web3.

Some companies require a degree as a prerequisite. On the other hand, if you have measurable skills, it’s worth submitting an application documenting your real-world experience.

Web3 technical recruiters can strategise their demanding workload and identify the best networks to find top talent. Most importantly, the best technical recruiters have a solid social media presence and can build successful business relationships.

Necessary Skills for a Technical Recruiter

  • Ability to write powerful job descriptions
  • Results-orientated
  • Focused
  • Critical thinker
  • Organisational skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Can meet strict deadlines
  • Ability to identify the right candidate for a role
  • Comfortable negotiating with clients
  • Excellent knowledge of the industry and technical skills required for job roles
  • Good project management skills
  • CRM experience
  • Familiar with applicant tracking software

What is a Web3 Technical Recruiter’s Salary?

Most web3 technical recruiters have a basic salary with performance bonuses. The average salary is around £40,000, with top incomes above £75,000+.

Conclusion: The Top 7 exciting web3 jobs to apply for in 2022

Interest in web3 careers is growing. It’s certainly an exciting time for companies, and web3 jobs are plentiful. People are beginning to realise that they don’t necessarily need technical skills to get a web3 job and that their skills may be transferable to a career in web 3.0.

As more companies embrace blockchain technology, the demand for web3 developer positions exceeds the supply of suitable candidates. If you have the aptitude, there are many online certificated courses to learn how to become a blockchain developer.

Web3 career opportunities are unlimited, even for non-technical candidates. If you have marketing experience, learn about web3, NFTs, cryptocurrencies etc. and start applying for web3 marketing positions.

In conclusion, if you need help deciding the best route to begin a web3 career, get in touch with the CB Recruitment team, upload your resume and get started today.


Are there training courses available for web3 learning?

Yes, there are many specialised online courses, depending on what aspect of web3 is of interest. For instance, Gritnova hosts a Blockchain Management Course that covers everything about the decentralised nature of web 3.0.

Why should I learn about web 3.0?

The web3 industry is expanding exponentially, and there’s probably never been a better time to learn more about it. With rising global unemployment, higher inflation and increasing costs, a career in web3 could be the best opportunity in this evolving digital economy.

Is web3 the future of the Internet?

Web3 introduces enhanced end-user control and content ownership, cutting out the intermediaries. As a result, web3 social platforms may spring up in the future, and in addition, we could see the rise of new search engines and marketplaces with collective ownership.

Meanwhile, corporation-controlled streaming services could become a thing of the past. Platforms we take for granted, like Netflix, could become dinosaurs in the web3 world.

Of course, nobody knows the future of web 3.0, and these opinions are purely speculative.

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