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Metaverse Jobs: The Top 5 Most Popular Careers (2023)

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The demand for metaverse jobs is fast becoming a much sought-after environment for new careers. However, there are currently more jobs in the metaverse than suitable candidates.

The metaverse creates a new world of opportunities for top talent with relevant skills. For instance, in late 2021, Facebook Meta announced the intention to create 10,000 highly-skilled Facebook metaverse jobs in the EU that would help to shape the metaverse.

Further, the company has invested $150 million in AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) training and resources, helping developers, creators, and students to learn prerequisite technological skills for exciting opportunities in the metaverse.

“The future of connection will be in 3D. The metaverse will be a place where we can work, play, and connect with others in immersive, online experiences.” Facebook Meta website.

Facebook is just one example of a business embracing the metaverse. Moreover, hundreds of companies across the globe are investing in the growth of the metaverse, opening thousands of exciting job opportunities for qualified candidates.

This guide highlights technical and non-technical jobs in the metaverse. In addition, you’ll discover the skills and qualifications you need to get a job in the metaverse and what salary you can expect from metaverse jobs remote or office-based. Moreover, if you require career guidance, contact the CB Recruitment team and upload your resume.


What is the metaverse?

In simple terms, the metaverse is a 3D version of the internet. It’s a virtual shared world where people can create and engage with each other’s avatars. It’s an immersive reality where you can travel across the virtual globe, play games, create in-game items, trade, shop, and buy plots of virtual land. In addition, you can attend sporting events and concerts through virtual reality headsets.

The top 5 most popular metaverse jobs 2022

This next section covers the most popular jobs in the metaverse. Above all, you don’t necessarily have to be a technical “whizz-kid“, as many positions are available for non-technical metaverse jobs.

Metaverse Jobs: AR/VR Software Engineers

One of the most sought-after roles in the metaverse is AR/VR software engineer. AR is short for augmented reality, and VR is an abbreviation for virtual reality. The demand for AR/VR software engineers is certainly increasing, and as the metaverse expands, there’s not much chance of this situation slowing down.

Learning the fundamentals of extended reality could lead to significant opportunities in the future as more companies seek software engineers to develop software tools, applications & SDKs (software development kits) for the metaverse.

What skills do AR/VR Software Engineers require?

Prerequisites: Companies expect AR/VR software engineers to have experience in computer science (most will ask for a computer science degree as a prerequisite) and skills with interactive 3D technologies and XR (extended reality) as well as VR, AR and MR (mixed reality)

Programming languages: You’ll need experience with a few programming languages, such as JavaScript, Solidity, C++, Python and Rust.

Tools and Technologies: Acquire several of the most popular, such as Autodesk Maya, open-source Blender, Unreal Engine and Unity Amazon Sumerian.

Familiarity with UX design: Companies want to create a scalable, user-friendly experience underpinned by solid and secure architecture.

Ability to work with a team: You’ll be creative and adaptable, with good communication, emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills.

Training: There are many online fast-track courses or AR/VR degrees to learn the fundamentals required for an AR/VR software engineer.

Salary expectations for AR/VR Software Engineers

You can anticipate a salary range from £110,000 to £125,000 or more for senior AR/VR software engineers

Metaverse Jobs: Product Managers

We anticipate the demand for product managers increasing as the metaverse grows. Companies need product managers to help create the best end-user experience by overseeing product development and identifying glitches and roadblocks. It’s a vital role in any company, requiring skilled product managers to drive and impact the success of a new product. The opportunities in this field are unlimited. You could be working for one of the largest companies in the world, such as Google or Snap, for instance.

What skills do Product Managers require?

It’s helpful for a product manager to understand a creative development environment and the functional requirements of creating and developing a new product. You do not require coding skills, though familiarity with coding is helpful to interaction with your technical team.

You’ll need excellent communication and leadership skills and the ability to identify and solve development issues. The best product managers can manage and motivate a team, navigating setbacks effortlessly to achieve product completion.

Training: Several fast-track bootcamp-style technical product manager training courses are available online, such as Codeop.

Salary expectations for Product Managers

A Product manager plays a high functioning role in the journey of a product; therefore, the job commands a significant salary. You can expect a salary range of £100,000 to £150,000 or more.

Metaverse Jobs: 3D Game Designers

The demand for more artistic roles in the metaverse is increasing. Programmers and developers have the technical skills but may lack the creativity of a game designer who can help transcend the user experience. A 3D game designer will design and create a prototype, working with the product development team to build an engaging, functional, fun, and immersive game that attracts multiple thousands of players.

What skills do 3D Game Designer require?

Because this role is a blend of art and technologies, 3D game designers need a broad range of creative and technical skills and competencies. For instance: –

  • 3D modelling
  • Creativity
  • Lighting
  • Illustration
  • Gaming software skills, such as Unreal Engine, Blender, and Unity
  • Analytical skills
  • Basic programming skills

3D game designers play an integral part in a team, so they must also possess interpersonal skills, with the ability to convey ideas, collaborate with others and lead the project when required.

Training: You can test your interest in game design with a low-cost course, such as Mastered. Alternatively, you can gain a degree in game design, and multiple options are available at degree levels in the UK and worldwide.

Salary expectations for 3D Game Designers

The average salary for a 3D game designer is around £65,000.

Metaverse Jobs: Storytellers

There are options for non-technical candidates who would love to break into the virtual world and find fascinating jobs in the metaverse. You can be a storyteller, crafting original, compelling, and immersive stories for virtual games in the metaverse. One day you could be writing a role-playing story, a simulation or training material. The next day, you write action sequences, formulate social interactions, and encourage players on a fascinating virtual journey. The scope for a gifted storyteller is tremendous.

What skills do metaverse storytellers require?

Firstly, you’ll need to demonstrate your ability for storytelling, showing a prospective employer that you have creative writing skills. Secondly, you don’t necessarily need a college degree. Though some companies may list a degree as a prerequisite, if you have a passion for storytelling and enthusiasm for gaming, you could gain invaluable experience with an entry-level position in storytelling.

Above all, metaverse storytellers must understand the storytelling format: –

  • People
  • Places
  • Plots
  • Purpose

People love to overcome challenges, and players must experience a sense of completion for a game to succeed. Players love to complete multiple levels and receive recognised achievements throughout a game.

You’ll need to understand the fundamental psychology of humans, like what triggers emotion and what stimulates motivation. Moreover, stories don’t work unless they have a beginning, middle and end.

In addition, good communication skills are essential because storytellers often work alongside team members developing the game. Therefore, it’s helpful to understand all elements of game development, such as design and programming.

Training: Several metaverse storytelling courses are available online. For instance, the Institute of Art and Design’s “Storytelling for the metaverse.

Salary expectations for metaverse storytellers

Entry-level salaries start at around £45,000 and will increase with measurable success.

Metaverse Jobs: Marketing Specialist

There’s always a demand for skilled marketing specialists in any industry. Still, with the exponential growth of the metaverse, the need for the best metaverse marketing experts is increasing. Industry experts suggest that the metaverse market will reach more than $800 billion over the next eight years. That means that companies will pay higher salaries for top talent.

What skills do Metaverse Marketing Specialists require?

Metaverse marketing experts must be able to plunge themselves into the metaverse “reality“. They have the skills to create interactive advertising campaigns that encourage engagement and enhance the virtual reality experience. For instance, in-game apparel is becoming popular as a marketing method. For example, Nikeland is creating a virtual world where users can dress their avatars in Nike trainers and clothing and place an order if they like the goods.

Blending the digital and physical in an appealing way requires outstanding skill and “out of the box” thinking. Corporate marketing experts are unlikely to find the metaverse a welcoming environment for traditional marketing tactics.

Metaverse marketing specialists must be business-minded visionaries with creative skills. In addition, you’ll have a broad understanding of technical know-how and the ability to seek out and analyse emerging metaverse trends to create a powerful, long-term marketing strategy.

Training: Immerse yourself in the metaverse and XR technology relating to marketing. Martech provides low-cost options for metaverse marketing skills.

Salary expectations for Metaverse Marketing Specialists

The average salary for a metaverse marketing specialist is around £40,000 but could be considerably more as candidate demand outpaces supply.

Conclusion: The top 5 most popular metaverse jobs 2022

According to Statista.com, there are already 1 billion active AR users worldwide and set to double by 2024

The above graph demonstrates the vast potential in the metaverse space. Right now, there aren’t enough suitable candidates for metaverse jobs. Companies are desperate to hire top talent and immerse their businesses in the metaverse. If you don’t have the skills currently, prepare for the future by fast-tracking your learning and gaining certification for the metaverse jobs of interest.

As you’ve seen, the metaverse presents many exciting and financially rewarding opportunities for the right candidates. Above all, don’t feel disheartened if your technical skills aren’t the best. There are still plenty of jobs in the metaverse for candidates with soft skills, such as marketing and storytelling.

In conclusion, you now know how to get a job in the metaverse and carve out a fascinating career in virtual reality. Contact the CB Recruitment team to explore your career options in the metaverse. Companies also need applicants for cryptocurrency jobs, especially blockchain developers.

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