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Founder In Residence
Full time / remote

Salary / Bonuse

Up to $120,000

The Company

Our client is an incubation DAO that builds projects at the frontier of decentralized finance and web3 technology. The client acts as a co-founder to nascent projects by building alongside builders, providing resources like smart contract development, security audits, financial engineering, token modelling, legal compliance, community building, partnerships, fundraising and more. We launch early-stage protocols through strategic internal incubation and our DeFi Base Camp accelerator program. 

Key Skills/Required/Experience needed

We are looking for a Founder in Residence to lead business and partnerships development at a new DAO tooling venture with the goal of launching in 3-5 months with New Order. You will be a vital leader and builder, gaining key insights and experience by project managing incubated projects with founding teams while researching & assessing incubation opportunities for your own endeavour. 

Ultimately, your main goal will be to build, lead and grow an incubated project as a founder, creating a new venture backed product with great user experience for web3 users. 

  • Create ecosystem partnerships with DAOs and DAO tooling to align go to market strategy with key stakeholders 

  • Strategize and execute business development plan to onboard potential customers/organizations

  • Manage and drive incubation workstreams with founding teams, as it relates to the technical and business development of each project. This includes key activities such as user experience design, user flow, interfacing, legal compliance, capital raising, partnerships, branding, community building, launch marketing, recruiting and more.

  • Collaborate and team-build with CTO-in-Residences, developers and the incubation team to assess new project opportunities for you to lead with New Order and other co-founders

We are looking for someone who has:

  • Strong work experience within web3, especially DAO and DAO tooling preferably as a builder, operator or growth expert and/or previous startup experience as a founder or early-stage employee

  • B-to-B business development or partnership development experience in web3 is strongly preferred

  • Product development experience in technology, or knowledge of building a user centric product with great UIUX is strongly preferred. 

  • Experience in working as a product function at big tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, etc is a plus

  • Excellent analytical skills as it applies to identifying and evaluating opportunities with speed and thoughtfulness

  • Problem solve and hustle when barriers and obstacles arise

Key Benefits

  • Competitive salary

  • Significant founder / core team token allocation

  • Work with a world class team and network of Web3 and DeFi pioneers

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