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The Best 5 NFT Jobs for an Exciting Career (2023)

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A growing interest in NFT platforms like Rarible, Axie Infinity and the OpenSea NFT marketplace has led to more people wanting to work in NFT jobs. The NFT industry provides many opportunities for NFT careers working as an NFT creator or an employee.

You don’t need an “NFT for dummies” guide to acquire the skills necessary to work for one of the many NFT companies online. It may be a lot easier than you think.

This guide to the best NFT jobs highlights the potential to work with the best NFT projects in various roles; not all are technical. Perhaps you’re an NFT creator or have transferable skills. Moreover, all NFT companies need ground floor employees, like accountants, to help manage company processes.

Aside from the technically skilled candidates like blockchain developers and engineers, system administrators, front-end, fullstack and Solidity developers, there are plenty of less technical roles such as UX designers, product, operations, or project managers.

If you have zero technical skills but still wish to work in NFT channels, this guide will help you identify an area of expertise so you can apply for NFT jobs remote opportunities. The five NFT jobs we will cover are: –

  • Marketing Manager
  • Art Director
  • Creative Producer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Community Manager


What are NFTs?

NFT is an abbreviation for non-fungible tokens. Fungible means one thing is exchangeable for another. For instance, you can exchange one dollar for a dollar and one Bitcoin for another. NFTs are unique. You cannot change one like-for-like, hence the term “non-fungible“.

NFT artists may create an NFT to sell on an NFT art website, and today some of the top NFT projects have many NFT collectables selling for crazy high prices. Subsequently, you may want to become an NFT creator and make money from NFT trading cards or NFT farming. As a result of increasing interest, many popular NFT tokens are on NFT channels.

However, NFT investing is risky, and even the price of the top 10 NFT tokens falls in value during a cryptocurrency bear market. Subsequently, instead of seeking the best NFT to invest in, you’d likely do better learning how to apply for NFT jobs and work your way into an NFT company.

What Are NFT Jobs?

NFT projects require a team of staff to help manage the project. As a project grows, it may become more complex and demanding, requiring various employee skills. The foundational NFT jobs are blockchain developers, blockchain architects and blockchain engineers. Additionally, projects require product and project managers to help oversee the project.

As the development team rolls out a project, the goal is to develop a loyal community. The marketing and social media management teams focus on attracting and nurturing a community by building trust and interest in the project.

In addition, the project may think it has the best NFT token, but without an audience, the project will fail. For instance, the NFT Crypto punk gained massive popularity from skilful marketing and social media efforts.

5 non-technical jobs available in NFT companies

Marketing Manager

Job Requirements

Job specifications depend on whether you are applying for an entry-level marketing position, but in most cases, NFT companies look for the following skills: –

  • Previous marketing experience (usually around two years required) and measurable success in the field
  • Familiarity and passion for Web3, NFTs, cryptos etc
  • Can work closely with people at all levels
  • Well organised with an ability to multi-task across time zones and projects
  • Problem solver, positive attitude and a “can do” approach to work
  • Ability to create and develop a paid media strategy (split test) to help grow the ROI
  • Develop end-to-end strategic partnerships to achieve measurable growth
  • Create and manage integrated marketing campaigns and measure performance
  • Creative thinker and ability to experiment with ideas via retargeting, paid acquisition etc
  • Work on new channels, identifying ideas for client acquisition


Variable with experience but anticipate a salary between £45,000 to £100,000+.

Art Director

Job Requirements

An art director is a creative and exciting role where you can adapt your creative design skills to the NFT space: –

  • Have a strong track record and verifiable results
  • Excellent communication skills: Verbal and written
  • You can lead and influence creative design for the NFT platform
  • Generate concepts and ideas in alignment with the marketing and community teams
  • Understand the target audience and marketing initiatives
  • Ensure there is a design consistency across all channels
  • Mentor team designers and partners (if you are at a more senior level)
  • Be responsible for the quality of design work and assist with project completion
  • Have problem-solving and critical thinking skills so you can anticipate potential roadblocks
  • Work collaboratively with a team of creatives, R & D, product teams etc
  • Be familiar with design software such as Photoshop, PowerPoint, Figma and other industry-leading software


The average salary for an art director varies considerably. At entry-level, anticipate a starting salary of £35,000 to £50,000. At the upper level, an art director could earn more than £195,000.

Creative Producer

Job Requirements

Creative producers are organisational wizards able to manage complex and challenging projects. They are exceptional communicators who can efficiently liaise with a diverse team of creatives and developers. Essentially, if you have project management experience, you can explore the role of a creative producer: –

  • At least three years of relevant experience in project managing a diverse team for delivering complex projects
  • Anticipate the needs of your team, providing the tools, solutions and support as necessary
  • Can calculate timelines and work stages required for project completion
  • Create workable roadmaps, schedules and plans to align with multiple teams across development and design
  • Communicate transparent risk assessment and opportunities to stakeholders, keeping them informed at all stages of development
  • Manage a team for best practices and processes, ensuring they have everything they need to work efficiently towards the best results
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills, quickly identifying profitable and timely solutions
  • You enjoy challenges and can think independently whilst also embracing team ideas
  • Skilled at communicating at all levels
  • Adaptable and flexible, effortlessly navigating the challenges of an ever-moving environment
  • Strong attention to detail

Some companies promote this role as a creative director.


The salary range for a creative producer starts at £35,000 but can be more than £150,000 at more senior levels.

Social Media Manager

Job Requirements

The job of a social media manager (SMM) is to promote a company’s brand and help grow the community and the business by building a loyal audience through social media channels.

Some NFT companies list a marketing degree as a prerequisite, but don’t let that deter you from applying if you have exceptional experience as an SMM. Moreover, it’s a straightforward role with no requirement for technical skills: –

  • Understand the NFT space and audience
  • Strong background in content creation
  • Proven success in an SMM role and metrics-driven
  • Deep knowledge of targeted social media channels. For instance, LinkedIn, Discord, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok
  • Identify target audience/ideal customer persona
  • Good communication and collaboration skills: The confidence and ability to present analysis and reports weekly or monthly
  • Working knowledge of software tools used by SMMs
  • Ability to research, split test and analyse results
  • Enthusiastic about Web3, NFTs, and the crypto space
  • Work to high standards of work and reporting
  • Results orientated
  • Time management: Many SMMs work remotely, so they must manage their time effectively to develop a strategy and content plan
  • Motivated: Most NFT companies want SMMs that can initiate ideas
  • Adaptable: able to change strategies when necessary
  • Can create engaging content across multiple channels
  • Quick thinking and optimistic, plus good problem-solving skills

Some companies combine the role of a social media manager with community manager tasks.


The average salary for a social media manager is between £35,000 and £60,000+.

Community Manager

Job Requirements

Every NFT company needs a community manager because, in most cases, the community is the company’s lifeblood. Subsequently, they need an experienced community manager to create, build and lead the community with passion and engagement.

If you have zero experience managing a community, research an NFT project you like, join and become an active community member. Offer to help with community jobs and build a reputation for helping the community to grow. You could land a part-time role within the community and gain valuable skills for a full-time role as a community manager: –

  • Three years or more of verifiable experience as a community manager
  • Passion and curiosity for, and understanding of Web3, NFTs, Fintech, Cryptos etc., so you can talk confidently in the community space
  • Understanding of governance, token economics, validators etc
  • Exceptional knowledge of community platforms like Discord, Reddit etc
  • English speaking: Is a standard requirement for global communities
  • Manage community platforms, public forums, and chat tools
  • Moderate chats, communicate with users and help support growth
  • Develop the community culture in line with company values
  • Organise campaigns: Increase and maintain engagement and activity. If there is a governance token, encourage adoption
  • Be the voice of the community: Report insights (data-driven), community feedback and developments
  • Assess community initiatives with business targets: Comfortable leading community initiatives such as ambassador programs and AMAs (Ask me anything).
  • Stay up to date with evolving technology and company developments and produce user-friendly material to make available to the community
  • Can collaborate with distributed teams, including SMMs, educators and developers, content creators and more

A community manager’s role is varied. You might be advising on the best NFT wallets, sharing details of an NFT gallery or free NFT tokens from the company. In addition, if you’ve worked as a social media manager, you might get an interview based on that experience.


Full-time community salaries vary from £25,000 to £60,000 depending on the project and the candidate’s experience.

Conclusion: The best 5 NFT jobs for an exciting career (2022)

Whether you’re an NFT creator wanting to find your first job working with an NFT company, or a marketing professional interested in NFTs, there are multiple opportunities to work in the NFT space.

Perhaps you have an NFT gallery of your own and now feel drawn to become a paid employee in an NFT role. There are plenty of choices, and most non-technical NFT positions are exciting and lucrative.

As more NFT platforms spring up online, we’ll see more jobs appearing in the space. Not everyone wants to be an NFT creator, so if you are ready to explore NFT jobs, contact the CB Recruitment team, upload your resume, and we will do our best to help you find a new role.


Can NFT jobs be full-time?

Yes, if you are working on an NFT project as part of a team, you will likely be required to work full-time, although part-time positions are also available in some roles.

Will I be paid in crypto working for NFT companies?

You may receive payment for your work with NFT in crypto, but all companies differ. As cryptocurrencies are so volatile, most companies don’t have their entire treasury in cryptocurrency. The best thing to do is ask the hiring manager about payment options during the interview.

How Do I Start a Career in NFTs?

Decide which area of expertise to direct your focus. After that, tailor your resume to highlight the relevant skills on the job specification. For instance, if you are applying for a community manager position, mention other cases where you have helped to develop and support a community.

Are all NFT companies startups?

Not necessarily. Many established NFT companies are looking for top talent. For instance, OpenSea careers are highly sought after, as it’s the largest NFT marketplace.

Still, many NFT startups gain considerable investment and can afford to hire a team of professionals to get the project up and running.

How do I know the best NFT projects?

As with any position, research the company. Read the whitepapers and news updates, join Discord servers, and get involved with a community. Most NFT founders are innovators in the space, but they understand the need for an equally innovative and skilled team to bring the project to fruition.

Are NFT jobs remote?

It depends on the position, but many NFT companies offer remote working to employees where possible.

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